How to Send Money from Japan to BDO Accounts via Seven Bank Money Transfer App


Are you living or working in Japan? Do you always send money to your loved ones back in the Philippines?

If you do, there is a new way now to send money to your family back home. If your beneficiaries in the Philippines have BDO Accounts, you can send money to their account through the Seven Bank Money Transfer App. READ MORE

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How to Enroll in PNB Online Banking – Balance Inquiry, Transfer Funds, Pay Bills


Being one of the largest and popular banks in the Philippines, the Philippine National Bank or PNB has also utilized the power of the internet to give online banking services to its customers.

These online banking services that PNB offers not only gives convenience to their clients and customers but has also made it easier for the customers to check their account balance online, pay bills, and send or receive money without having to go the PNB branch personally. READ MORE

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Updated List of TESDA Online Courses 2017 – Enroll now for FREE!


Whether you need to develop a new skill that’s required on your job or you just want to learn something new, enrolling in an online course is the way to go.

Aside from it’s accessible, it’s also free with e-TESDA.

The TOP or TESDA Online Program is an online education platform that is accessible to Filipino citizens throughout the world. As long as you have internet connection, you can access the e-TESDA website online using your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. READ MORE

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100 Caregivers Urgent Hiring for Japan


Are you looking for an opportunity to work in Japan? Do you want to experience Japan’s nice places, culture, and people?

Do you want to experience Japan’s nice places, culture, and people?

Well, this might be a dream come true for you if you are an experienced caregiver and you are interested in applying for a Caregiver position in Japan. READ MORE

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How to Send Money through Cebuana Lhuiller


“An emergency just happened and you need to send money to your relatives right away?”

“You need to pay for something but is worried about if the transaction would be all safe?”

“Deadline for your daughter’s educational fees are fast approaching but both of you are miles apart?” READ MORE

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How To Send Money through TransferWise


Beyond measures of security and assurance, what we are looking for when we’ll be sending our money to our loved ones back to our home country, utmost is ‘affordability’. But unfortunately, within these recent years of economy beating up and down, remittance service providers, although have exploded in the count; it is noticeable how it is still so rare to find companies whose offering ‘customer-friendly’ rates. READ MORE

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