BPI Credit Card Promo 2019: Shop Anywhere and Get a FREE Shakey’s Pizza

BPI Credit Card is again giving away FREE Shakey’s Pizza!

For the last quarter of last year, BPI Credit cardholders were able to enjoy Free Treats from Jollibee. And I am one of those lucky cardholders. 🙂 I was able to redeem almost 40 Coupons of Free Jollibee meals and toys from the previous BPI Credit Card Promo.

That’s why I’m very excited with what BPI is offering now. 

And like I said at the beginning of this post, Shakey’s Pizza is waiting for those who qualify for the new BPI Credit Card Promo.

How to Avail BPI Credit Card Promo

Just Shop Anywhere using your BPI Credit Card for a minimum straight purchase of ₱3,000 or a minimum Installment Purchase of ₱25,000 and you will be able to avail from any of the following choices: 

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1. For Straight Transactions

If your credit card purchases qualify for the promo, you may choose any of the following options.

a. 8-inch Regular Thin Crust Shakey’s pizza, choice of any of the following:

  • Pepperoni Crunch
  • Hawaiian
  • Garden Fresh
  • Classic Cheese
  • Garlic n’ Cheese

b. Spaghetti Solo

c. Carbonara Solo 

d. Mojo’s Dip

2. For Installment Transactions

If your credit card purchases qualify for the promo, you may choose any of the following options.

a. Party size thin crust pizza, choice of any of the following:

  • Pepperoni Crunch
  • Hawaiian
  • Classic Cheese
  • Garlic n’ Cheese

b. Spaghetti Platter

c. Carbonara Platter

d. Mojo’s Supreme


How long will the Promo run? 

This BPI Credit Card Promo is available from March 22 to June 22, 2019.

How to Register BPI Credit Card Promo?

To be able to participate in this promo, you must register either through SMS or by sending a text message, or through EMAIL.

1. SMS

  • Text BPICARD<space>16-digit Customer Number and send to 2256

Example: BPICARD 0201001234567890 and send to 2256

2. Email

  • Type the 16-digit Customer Number in the subject line and email to register@bpicard.ph

Example: Subject: 0201001234567890 | Send to: register@bpicard.ph and

What is your Customer Number? 

16-Digit Customer number that can be found in your Statement of Account. You can also find it in your eSOA when you log in to your BPI Express Online account.

When to Register for this Promo?

Registration period is from March 22 to June 22, 2019. You only need to register ONCE and it is FREE of charge.

You will receive your confirmation within 2 banking days from the registration date.

Who are Qualified to register? 

BPI Principal Cardholders who are in good credit standing are qualified to register for this BPI Credit Card Promo 2019.

You must use the SAME contact details including your mobile number and/or email address in BPI Credit Cards’ system records.

How to Update BPI Account Information?

If you want to update your contact information, just follow these simple steps:

  • Visit www.bpiexpressonline.com
  • Login using your Username and Password
  • Hover your mouse pointer to Account Maintenance, then click the info that you want to update
  • Follow the next instructions to successfully update your account information with BPI.
  • Make sure to log out from your BPI Express online account after your transaction.

Another way to update your BPI contact information is by calling BPI Hotline 89-100 or you may visit the nearest BPI branch.

What BPI Credit Cards are Qualified in this Promo?

  • Blue Mastercard
  • Gold Mastercard
  • Edge/Mini-edge Mastercard
  • eCredit Mastercard
  • Petron-BPI Mastercard
  • Skymiles Mastercard
  • Skymiles Platinum Mastercard

What BPI Credit Card Transactions are Valid in this Promo? 

  • offline purchases
  • online purchases
  • cash advance
  • auto-charge transactions

Transactions that are not qualified in this promo include Special Installment Plans (SIP), Balance Transfer, Credit-to-Cash, and other SIP Loan products.

Purchases made by the Principal Credit Cardholder and his/her supplementary cards, will be considered in the promo.

How to Redeem BPI Credit Card Promo FREE Shakey’s Pizza

1. Before you can redeem, make sure you are already registered in this promo. (See instructions above)

2. When you’re registered and you have qualified purchases using your BPI Credit Card, the eCoupons will be sent to the mobile number and/or e-mail address used for registration.

3. To redeem, simply present your eCoupons at any participating Shakey’s stores nationwide.

Some Reminders for the Free Shakey’s Pizza Redemption: 

  • To redeem, you must inform the Shakey’s personnel that you’re going to use your eCoupons before you place your order.
  • Your Shakey’s Pizza redemption is only valid for  for dine-in and take out. Delivery redemption is not allowed.
  • The free Shakey’s pizza cannot be exchanged for cash, other products, or discounts.
  • You may redeem a maximum of 5 redemptions per visit, including weekends, holidays, within the redemption period.
  • You may redeem up to a maximum of 60 eCoupons for retail transactions and 30 eCoupons for installment transactions.
  • Redemption is until August 21, 2019.

To know more about this promo, you may call BPI Hotline 89-100 or visit the BPI website (source).

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