How to Apply for BDO Cash Card

Have you tried applying for a Checking or Savings Account but was not approved?

Have you had a Savings Account before but was closed down because it fell below the maintaining balance and you were not able to fund it again?

Have you experienced shopping and realized you don’t have enough cash anymore to pay your items?

And when you went to the ATM machines, there was a long line of shoppers waiting for their turn to withdraw money too?

If you experienced any of the above scenarios, then you probably need this BDO Cash Card.

What is BDO Cash Card?

A BDO Cash Card is a re-loadable prepaid electronic debit card that can be used as an ATM card to do all kinds of BDO ATM transactions and selected EN/ ML transactions.

It can also be used as a Debit Card to purchase goods and services in all SM branches and other accredited merchant outlets displaying the BDO or BPI Express Payment System logos or bills payment medium.

Since this BDO Cash Card is reloadable, you will not run out of cash as long as your card is loaded.

Why Use BDO Cash Card

The best thing about this BDO Cash Card is that it’s very easy to have.

There’s no need to open a Checking or Savings Account, no minimum maintaining balance, and it’s available at any BDO branch nationwide.

All you need to do is purchase this BDO Cash Card at any BDO branch for only Php 120!

Features of BDO Cash Card

  • It’s safe and secure to have a BDO Cash Card because there’s no need to carry large amounts of cash. Just bring enough for your transpo or meals, and just use your card for your other purchases.
  • It also helps you to have self-control because you can only spend the amount that you load into your card. It’s easier to manage than a credit card.
  • Plus, it is PIN protected. No one can easily get access to your account in case you lose it or if it gets stolen.
  • Most of us hate paying fees on top of our purchases and BDO Cash Card supports us because it has NO service fees, no interest charges, and no hidden charges.
  • BDO Cash Card also has the ability to do mobile banking via Globe Handyphone.

Money Remittance

If you’re abroad or away from your family, you can also send their allowance through their BDO Cash Card in Remittance Centers abroad that are affiliated with BDO.


3 Types of BDO Cash Card:

  • Generic Card – pre-embossed card with no name
  • Personalized Card – card with customer’s name embossed
  • Personalized Corporate – card with higher limit and name embossed (with CASA account)

Generic cash cards can be claimed immediately. For retail embossed and corporate cash cards, card can be claimed within 3 to 5 banking days for metro Manila branches and within 5 to 7 banking days for provincial branches.

WATCH THIS >> How to Apply for BDO Cash Card this 2017

Requirements in Purchasing the BDO Cash Card:

  • Must be 18 years old and above to purchase a BDO Cash Card.
  • (7-17 years old can also apply with a guardian, just bring valid ID and birth certificate)
  • Must fill up a Cash Card enrolment form with purchase agreement.
  • Must present one (1) valid ID.

You can purchase this card in Cash or through Withdrawal from BDO Savings or Current account processed at the maintaining branch.

To RELOAD a BDO Cash Card, just go to the nearest BDO branch, fill out the card sale/reload slip via ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Internet Banking, Phone Banking or Mobile Banking.

Maximum limits (daily card balance) for each card:

  • Generic Card – P 10,000.00
  • Personalized Card (Retail) – P 25,000.00
  • Personalized Card (Corporate) – P100,000.00

Deposit Fees

  • BDO Over-the-Counter – Fee is Php 15 (regardless of the amount and location) 
  • BDO Cash Accept Machine – Free of Charge (click here for list of locations)

Withdrawal Fees

  • BDO ATM Machine – Fee is Php 2
  • Non-BDO ATM Machines- Fee is Php 11
  • No Over-the-Counter Withdawal

No Interest

Please note that BDO Cash Card is not a deposit account, thus, it does not earn interest.

BDO Cash Card Online Banking

  • You can enroll your BDO Cash Card to Online Banking if you have an existing BDO Savings Account 
  • You cannot enroll your BDO Cash Card alone or if you don’t have an existing Savings Account that’s enrolled in Online Banking
  • Fund Transfer
    • Yes – You can transfer funds from your own Savings Account to your Cash Card
    • Yes – You can transfer funds from other people’s Savings Account to your Cash Card
    • Yes – You can transfer funds from Cash Card to Savings ONLY IF they are under the same name
    • No – You can’t transfer funds from Cash Card to other people’s Savings Accounts

Lost, Damaged or Stolen Cards?

For lost, damaged, or stolen cards, a card replacement is allowed at any BDO branch, however, transfer of value via Over-the-Counter for personalized card shall be performed by the maintaining branch.

You also have the option to transfer the value from the old card via mobile banking.

Replacement fee is Php 50 if you report within 5 calendar days from purchase.

This is applicable for personalized cards only. For Generic cards, the client has to buy another card for Php 120 and pay additional Php 100 for initial load to activate the card.

What if the card is captured by the ATM machine? 

If it’s a Generic Card without your name on it, you cannot have it back. You’ll have to apply for another card again. 

If it’s the Personalized Card with your name and signature, it will be returned to you. However, if it has your name, but without your signature, it might not be returned to you.

So, make sure that you affix your signature as soon as you received your Personalized BDO Cash Card. 

BDO Contact

To see updated Limits and Fees for BDO Cash Card, please click HERE or contact BDO Customer Service Officers at 631-8000 for more info.


  1. Does it work with Apple’s App Store/ Google Play Store / KimStore ?

  2. maam one valid id ra jud na ang cash card

  3. pwede poba ihulog sa cash card ang laman ng cheque?

  4. Hi! I have BDO cash card po and im not using since i got its almost a year! I want to use it now… it will work or no? Thanks

    • 2SMP Admin says

      Hi Riclene,
      Sorry for the late reply..
      Just reload your Cash Card, make a withdrawal or purchase anything at SM or partner merchants, and your BDO Cash Card should be reactivated.

  5. harley zook says

    Hello..I got my cash card on Monday the instructions with it all came in Taglog so the bank rep/service person took me outside to the ATM and got me logged into the ATM with my secret pin number as per the directions (taglog…I speak and read english only)….I then loaded the card with pesos to cover my planned on line shopping. The BDO gal after taking my money and given me a receipt said wait 24 hours before using it..I waited 48 hours and both of my on line shopping sites(Amazon and Lazada) after my orders were placed said my cash card payment was declined contact my bank

  6. I planned to open a bdo cash card. But i have only an alumni id.. Is it okay if i will use it as a valid id?

    • 2SMP Admin says

      you might need to submit another valid ID in addition to your alumni ID.
      you may visit or inquire directly at the nearest BDO branch so they can assist you further.

  7. josephine payuran says

    hi. my brother needs to open for bdo cash card for his work but he doesnt hve a valid id yet. can i open a bdo cash card for him but i only have a passport as my valid id? thanks for the help.

    • 2SMP Admin says

      Hi Josephine,
      Is your brother still a minor?
      If he is, he can use his School ID and Birth Cert to apply for BDO Cash Card.
      If he’s not a minor, he can probably try to get another valid ID like Postal ID.

  8. Doez it work internationally?

  9. Jovita dag-uman says

    Paano po ma connect s bdo account ko ung bdo cash card ng anak ko para maka pag send ako ng pera s kanya online banking?


  10. pat erika lovino says

    hi, is it okay to use my company id in applying for bdo cash card?

  11. I just applied for a cash card with a school ID and P120.00 over the counter. And everything went good. I choose the personalized card and I could claim it next week.

    I have a tip for those who want to apply to.

    If you are a minor (younger than 18), be sure to tell them that your purpose is to receive money from far places so that you will be granted instantly.

  12. Hi my son has it and I’m living overseas where can I get info in how to send money to his cash card directly thanks

  13. Hello po . Meron po akong checke na hindi pa nauncross tapos ang nakalagay for deposit to payee’s acct. Only.
    The question is pwede ko po ba syang ihulog sa cash card ko

  14. Pwde po ba alumni id and philhealth,pag ibig id ?

  15. Pano pag wlang goverment id ang meron lng company id like robinsons id pdi po b un gamitin sa cash card???

  16. Can I use BDO Cash Card for mall payment transactions (S & R, Robinsons, SM) Thanks.

  17. hazel pulmano says

    hello Good morning pwedi na po ba yung voter’s I.D para makapag open po ako nang kabayan cash padala..? or pwedi rin po ba yung Brg.Clearance..?

  18. hazel pulmano says

    Goodmorning bat ganon kala ko bang pwedi kahit 1 Valid I.d lang po bat sa S.m pampanga hindi daw pwedi hinahanapan pa nila ako nang SSS No. bat po Ganon.?

  19. Therese Marie Y. Baguio says

    Thanks for this! It’s really helpful since I am going to open a BDO cash card tomorrow.

  20. shaen Suaiso says

    Paano po yan meron aqng ID brgy lang then my sss number
    Ano poh bang valid ID’S ang inaaccept ?

  21. Hello,

    Pwede po bang magtransfer ng money from paypal to BDO cash card?

  22. Hi po, pwde po ba gamitin ang Voter’s certificate? Wala po kasi akong Valid ID. Thaks.

  23. hello po pano ko po ba makukuha ung card type na personalized corporate?? may bayad po ba to or wala??

  24. Hi. I am trying to enrol my cash card to BDO online. But requesting a 16 digit account number? Is it the numbers printed on the card itself? Thank you.

  25. vinz equipaje says

    goodam maam sir. dito ako cebu ask ko lng sana ok lng ba license gamit sa pgkuha ng cash card? ksi kelangan namin bdo cash card pra sa sweldo namin..

    • Much better kung 2 Valid IDs po ang ipresent niyo sa pagkuha ng cash card.
      Pero try nyo rin po kung i-aaccept nila yung ID na gusto nyong gamitin.

  26. good day anu po mga valid ids na rrquirements? pwd po ba voters id…

  27. mary grace nifras says

    Hi poh good afternoon,tanong ko poh kung magapply poh ako ng carh card ilang araw ko poh siya makuha?

  28. Geraldine Alferez says

    Good afternoon po..asked ko lang if un ba ang gagamitin na accnt#16 digit sa cash card if nagpadala po nang pera galing dito abroad…

  29. Hi. Pwede ba kabang tin id at barabgay id lang ang dalang valid id?

  30. Good evening Sir, gusto ko po sanang kumuha ng cash card kaso alumni id, lang ang meron ako. Pero meron po akong latest NBI at Police clearance ko. may picture naman po ako doon.

  31. Hello po sa cash card po pde tin id…and pde b xia if magpapadala skin galing australia

  32. pwede po bang mag send money sa cash card kahit di sya enrolled sa savings account mo?

  33. Good morning pwede na po ba ung police clearance para makapag apply ng bdo cash card? Pwede po bang I deposit doom ang checke

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    pede po ba magsend ng pera sa cash card at pede ba ung philhealth id gamitin ko

  35. 3years q na po ciang d nagagamit.. Mbubuksan pa kaya to?

  36. Hi. I just had my generic type cash card. Will that be my card or will I have to claim my Personalized Card for the next 7 working days? I already paid 150 pesos.

  37. Danna Leah Paredes says

    Hello po, i just want to express my gratitude for making this blog. sobrang helpful loaded with full info and easy to understand and follow… GOD Bless You More and thank you for helping us nakaka save po ako ng time, pag dating mo sa bangko, alam ko na kaagad ano ang kailangan ko, no need to ask/bother the teller.

  38. sherly areas says

    hi pomy nag aapply ng cash xardin pero hinanapan po ako 2 valid id …

  39. sherly areas says

    hello poto nag apply akoin ng cash cardin bket need ng 2 id ….slamat po

  40. sherly areas says

    bket po hinanapan ako ng 2 id po

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    Hi, im from province, can i apply BDO cash card online?

  42. Flordelez sibla says

    About sa cash card.. pagmag apply po ba makuha ba agad yung account number? thankyou

  43. Original PSA po ba ang need sa pag apply sa bdo cash card? Or pwede kahit xerox copy ?

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