BDO Mobile Banking: The Easiest Way to do Banking Transactions Online

Whether you’re always on the go or you’re just looking for the easiest and most convenient way to send money online, BDO Mobile Banking is the way to go for people who have BDO accounts.

What is BDO Mobile Banking App?

BDO Mobile Banking App is a software application that you can download and install on your cellphone or any mobile device and is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.


How to Download BDO Mobile Banking App

For iOS devices, just open App Store and search for BDO Mobile Banking.

For Android devices, just open Google Play and search for BDO Mobile Banking.

Once you find the correct app, download it, and then install.


How to Enroll in BDO Mobile Banking App

If you are already enrolled in BDO Online Banking, meaning if you have been able to login to your online account before, then you don’t need to re-enroll in BDO Mobile Banking.

You can easily login and do your transactions like how you normally do it with BDO Online Banking.

However, if you are not yet enrolled in BDO Online Banking, you have to go to first, then

  • click on Online Banking Login” and 
  • click Enroll Now to enroll your BDO account


WATCH THIS >> How to enrol your BDO Online Account

How to Login to BDO Mobile Banking App

Once your BDO account is enrolled in BDO Online Banking, you can use the same Username and Password to login to your BDO Mobile Banking app.

Just open the app on you mobile device then enter your credentials and you should be able to access your account and do your transactions online.

Please remember though that you need to be connected to the internet to be able to access BDO Mobile Banking app.


Why Use BDO Mobile App?

The good thing about this app is it’s free to use. If you want to check your account balance or transfer money to someone else, you don’t have to pay extra. It’s completely free.


What you can do with BDO Mobile Banking App:

  • Balance Inquiry
  • 90-day Transaction History
  • Bills Payment
  • Fund Transfer
  • Branch and ATM Locator
  • Prepaid Mobile Reload
  • Promo Updates
  • Password Change

Other FEATURES of BDO Mobile Banking:

  1. The system has two-factor authentication (device registration and One Time Password).

This is one of the best features I like about BDO because it really makes me feel safe and secured whenever I log in to my BDO account either through BDO online banking or BDO mobile banking app.

  1. Real Time Fund Transfer

Whenever I transfer money or funds either to my own account or to another person’s account, it shows up immediately.

  1. BDO Mobile Banking is very CONVENIENT.

Before I learned about this app, I used to do my BDO banking transactions through BDO Online Banking. Imagine the time it would take to turn on the pc, load OS, login to windows, open the browser, type BDO website, and finally login to my BDO online account.

With BDO Mobile Banking, I just need to tap the app on my cellphone, then login and I can do whatever transaction I need to do. It’s very fast and convenient.


Try BDO Online Banking Now!

If you have a BDO account and you’re not yet enrolled to BDO Online Banking, I highly suggest that you do it now, then download and install BDO Mobile Banking app on your smartphone, and start using it!

I guarantee you, it will save a lot of your time and effort.

You wouldn’t need to go to the bank each time you need to check your account balance or transfer money or pay your bills.

You can do all that using your cellphone and at the comfort of your home or wherever you are.


Are you already using BDO Online Banking? 

How’s your experience so far? 


  1. Eduardo manalansan says

    Nag activate ako ngayon sa bdo, , , nakalagay dito sa transaction sa lumabas na papel, di ko na sasabihin ang ibang nakalagay. Thank you for activating electronic banking account. We will validate enrollment details. If approved, you may access your account after one hour. So now more than two hours na, when I check my mobile banking, it answers, pending, is there any problem about my enrollment?

    • antaying nyo po muna within 24 hours kung makalogin kayo. if not, you may contact bdo customer service to verify your enrollment.

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