1. To whom it may concern,

    i would like to ask an assistance if my bdo kabayan accounts still open, how long it would take since i open my account in the philippines. i have a little amount deposited. but when i try to register online its says that the account is not exist. Does anyone can assist me?…

    thus I remain…

    thank you,

    Sincerely yours;

    Mr. Agravante

  2. Hi, how about I opened a peso checking account, and i need to check its balance online? what should i do?

  3. Hello
    I would like to ask why I need to sign in Facebook instead I need reg my accounts that I can check my bal.thanks for ur response

  4. Juancho ejansantos says

    How can I enroll online account balance inquiry with out my account number the one you send tru mail coz I thought the account number is in the front of the ATM? I cannot enroll on line please kindly tell me what the best thing to do coz I’m out side of the country and my ATM kabayan savings tnx

  5. Jovelyn vidanes says

    Hi, I enrolled resently at bdo mobile banking, but when I Log in, invalid user id at password affair. What should I do?

  6. Hello why i log-in in my online banking account and when im checking the balance always showing not applicable please try again on a later time

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