BDO Send Money to charge Php 10 per transaction starting March 15

Have you tried sending money to anyone using BDO Send Money option? 

If you have, I’m sure you’ll be a bit disappointed with this advisory made by BDO just recently. 


What is BDO Send Money? 

BDO Send Money is one way of sending money to another BDO account, including those that are not enrolled in your BDO online or mobile banking account. 

BDO Send Money is different from BDO Fund Transfer because in Fund Transfer, you need to enroll another person’s (or company’s) account in your BDO Online Banking account before you can send money. 

After enrolling that other account, you need to activate it by entering your ATM card at the ATM machine and just follow the next steps. 


Why BDO Send Money? 

A lot of people prefer Send Money because:

  • It’s hassle free!
  • No need to enroll and activate! 
  • It’s FREE of charge!

Basically, you just have to enter the correct bank account number of the recipient and your money will be transferred instantly.

You can also send money even if you don’t know the account number. 

Yes, you read it right!

You just have to use the email address or mobile number as a Paycode to start. 

Interesting, isn’t it?


So, what’s the advisory of BDO regarding Send Money? 

Last January 31, 2017, BDO announced that BDO Send Money will charge Php 10 per transaction starting March 15, 2017. 

And obviously, BDO customers got disappointed. 

Why not?

They’ve always used this facility for FREE and now there’s a charge?

What’s BDO’s reason? That we don’t know as it wasn’t explained in their advisory… 

BDO Fund Transfer

I also use this BDO Send Money option when sending money to another BDO account, and I too was disappointed with their announcement. 

But I think we can’t do anything about that… Yes, we are their customers, but it’s still their business. 


Would you still use BDO Send Money? 

Hmm, it’s a bit hard to accept that I have to pay Php 10 per transaction starting March 15, but if I think about it, it’s still a lot cheaper than sending money in other remittance centers.

Don’t you agree? 

Plus, like I said earlier, it’s hassle free! No need to enroll, no need to activate.

Therefore, I don’t need to go to the bank to send money. I can do it anywhere, anytime using my cellphone or computer with internet connection. 


And here’s another thing…

Before, we can only send maximum of Php 10,000 using BDO Send Money. 

Starting March 15, 2017, daily limits will be increased to Php 50,000!

How’s that? Isn’t that convenient?


  • Would you still prefer to go to the bank or other remittance center to send money?
  • Or use BDO Send Money and accept the reality that you have to pay Php 10 per transaction moving forward? 

Well, the choice is yours.



Or would you rather use BDO Fund Transfer? 

If you want to send money FREE of charge, you can still use BDO Fund Transfer.

But the thing is, you have to enroll that other person or company’s account in your BDO Online Banking account, then activate it at the ATM.

Once it’s enrolled and activated, you can send money to that account anytime, anywhere… 

But take note:

You can only enroll up to 20 accounts belonging to another person or third party accounts.

BDO Contact Info

For more info about BDO Send Money, you may contact BDO Hotline 631-8000 or visit BDO Website, or visit the nearest BDO branch. 


There you have it!

Let me know your thoughts about this new advisory and what would you rather use? BDO Send Money or BDO Fund Transfer? 

Talk to you at the comment section below. 🙂 

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