BPI Credit Card Promo 2017: Free Jollibee Meals

As a loyal BPI Credit Cardholder, I always look forward to BPI credit card’s real thrills and promos.

The last time they had a shop anywhere promo was last April to August 2017. My family and I had a few trips to Starbucks using the e-coupons that I received from BPI through my qualified credit card purchases.

This time, qualified BPI credit cardholders will get to enjoy Jollibee Treats including chickenjoy and burger steak meals.

This promo is available from October 1, 2017 to January 15, 2018.

Their tagline for this promo is “Ma, this time ako naman.” I’m not really sure what this means, but I think it’s about a child who used to be treated to Jollibee during his early years, now treating his mom (or parents) to Jollibee as his way of giving back. Such a sweet idea.

How to Register for BPI Jollibee Promo 2017

There are two ways to register.

  1. Thru TEXT or SMS
    • Text BPITHRILLS<space>16-digit customer number and send to 2256.
    • Example: BPITHRILLS 0201001234567890 and send to 2266
  2. Thru EMAIL
    • Type the 16-digit customer number in the subject line and send to this email address: register@bpithrills.ph
    • Example:
      • To: register@bpithrills.ph
      • Subject: 0201001234567890

Here are some reminders when registering for this promo:

  • You can only register from October 1, 2017 to January 15, 2018.
  • Registration is FREE of charge and you only need to register ONCE.
  • You will receive your confirmation within 2 banking days after you registered.
  • Only the principal cardholder is qualified to register.
  • The cardholder must use the same contact details including the mobile number and/or email address that is registered in BPI’s system records.
    • In case you need to update your mobile number or email address, login to your BPI Express Online account, or visit any BPI branches, or call BPI Hotline 89-100.
    • If you register using a mobile number or email that is different from what’s in the BPI system records, you will receive a message like this. You may then register after 2 banking days from the date of contact information update.


    • If your registration is successful, you will start receiving your Jollibee e-Coupons from your qualified credit card transactions.

How to Qualify for BPI’s Jollibee Promo Treats

In order to qualify for this promo, you just need to use your BPI credit card for a minimum straight purchase of P3,000.

The following BPI Credit Cards are qualified for the promo:

  • Blue Mastercard
  • Gold Mastercard
  • Edge/Mini-Edge Mastercard
  • eCredit Mastercard
  • Petron-BPI Mastercard
  • Skymiles Mastercard
  • Skymiles Platinum Mastercard

The following purchases are Qualified:

  • any merchants offline and online
  • cash advance
  • auto-charge transactions

The following are Not Qualified:

  • Special Installment Plans
  • Balance Transfer
  • Credit-to-Cash
  • SIP Loan products

Purchases made by the principal and supplementary cardholders are qualified or will be considered in the promo.


What Treats from Jollibee are available in the Promo? 

Only two options are available for this promo.

Option 1: 1-pc Chickenjoy with Plain Rice + Regular Fries + Regular Soda

Option 2: Jolly Spaghetti + 1-pc Burger Steak with Rice + Regular Soda

How to Redeem the Free Jollibee Meals? 

Remember, the e-Coupons will be sent to your registered mobile number or email address.

To redeem, just present the e-Coupon at any participating Jollibee stores nationwide. Make sure to inform the Jollibee personnel or crew before you order the meals that you are going to use e-Coupons from BPI.

  • Redemption is valid for dine-in and take-out only. It is not allowed for drive-thru and it cannot be exchanged for cash, other products, or discounts.
  • Multiple redemptions are allowed per day per store, up to a maximum of 60 e-coupons per customer within the redemption period which is until March 16, 2018.
  • Once a valid redemption is made, it cannot be cancelled, reversed or applied to another item, voucher or eCoupon.
  • All unredeemed eCoupon/s outside the redemption period shall be forfeited.

How to Contact BPI 

If you have other inquiries about any of BPI’s promos, you may contact BPI hotline 89-100 or visit the BPI website.

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