Ensogo Philippines shuts down operations

Have you heard the news about the closure of Ensogo Philippines?

For those who are not familiar with Ensogo, it’s an e-retailer company or social e-commerce that offers discounted deals on different products and services online through their online platform or website.

It is similar to Lazada and is actually one of its competitors.


My Ensogo Philippines Experience

I used to browse the products and deals on Ensogo before and I was even able to avail of a hair treatment promo with one of their merchants back in 2014.

And as of this writing, the Ensogo website is still active so I tried to login to my Ensogo account to check if it’s also active and voila!

It still is!


Ensogo Philippines has been closed down

In a report by ABS-CBN, the merchants or online sellers of Ensogo Philippines seek help from NBI or the National Bureau of Investigation due to unpaid transactions of approximately 10 million pesos (Php 10,000,000.00).

According the merchants, Ensogo’s payment for the products sold on the site has been delayed since April 2016.

And just recently, they were told that Ensogo Philippines has already been closed down or is no longer in operations.

According to NBI, they’ve also received info from online buyers that they still receive emails from Ensogo regarding their promos.

If this were true, NBI may file Syndicated Estafa and CyberCrime against Ensogo Philippines, even if the company has already been closed down.


Just trying out Ensogo Philippines website

I tried buying a product and the process still looks the same up to the checkout page.

There’s no hint that this website is already having financial/company issues and will be closed down (or has been closed down)

– which could be a big risk to those who are still selling and buying in this site.

Check out Ensogo Philippines here. 



So what happened to Ensogo?

Ensogo Australia announced that they’re shutting all business units in Southeast Asia and they’ll be laying off their staff. (source)

“This decisions have been made to preserve the company’s cash for new investment opportunities.”

In an article by TechInAsia, there are four likely reasons for Ensogo’s collapse:

  • It held on to daily deals and flash sales for too long
  • It was late in the marketplace game
  • It couldn’t stem its losses and was burning cash
  • It disappointed merchants


If you don’t want to run into online selling or online buying issues, be sure not to get involved with Ensogo Philippines for now (or until its issues are resolved).

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