How to Check SSS Contributions Online in less than 5 minutes

Do you know that you can check your SSS contributions online at the comfort of your home or wherever you are as long as you have internet connection?

Yes, you absolutely can!

You don’t need to go to the SSS branch just to do this. In fact, you can check your SSS contributions online in less than 5 minutes!

But before you can check your contributions online, make sure that you have already registered to My.SSS or the SSS Online System.

To register, go to the SSS Online Registration page.

  1. Fill out the Online Member User ID Registration Form with the following info:
  • CRN / SS Number
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Code (shown on the screen)

SSS Online Registration Form

  1. Submit it and you should receive an email from SSS with the subject: SSS Website Email Validation, with a link to the REGISTRATION page. It’s the continuation of the online registration form that you’ve filled out earlier.

TIP: If the link doesn’t work, open a new browser (Google Chrome, IE, Mozilla, Safari, etc), then copy-paste the link.

  1. Completely fill out the form with all the required information and click Submit.
  2. You should receive an email from SSS with the subject: SSS Website Registration, which contains your User ID and Password.

Watch this video tutorial on how to register your SSS account online.

Here’s the exciting part!

Once you’re already registered to My.SSS or your SSS Online Account, you can now check your contributions online.

To login, go to the SSS Website.

  1. Enter your User ID and Password under the Member Login area and click Submit.
  2. Once you’re logged in, hover your mouse over E-SERVICES, then click INQUIRY.


  1. An Advisory box may come up on the screen. You may click on View Instructions or just hit OK and just continue with the next steps.


  1. Click the Shield icon on the address bar where the SSS website address is located.
  2. Click Load unsafe scripts and hit DONE.


  1. The Advisory might show up again on the screen. Just click OK and your SSS Employee Static Information will be displayed.Check-SSS-Contributions-Online-Inquiry
  1. Hover your mouse over MEMBER INFO, then click ACTUAL PREMIUMS.

Your monthly premiums will be displayed on the screen with the summary of your total number and amount of contributions.


Watch this video tutorial on how to check your SSS contributions online.

I check my SSS contributions regularly and it only takes less than 5 minutes to do this. But depending on your internet connection speed and the amount of traffic going to the SSS website, the actual time that you’d have to spend to check your contributions online will vary.

Based on my experience, the best time to visit the SSS site is during weeknights and weekends.

Unfortunately, despite SSS’s efforts to make SSS accessible and convenient to Filipinos, a lot of SSS members would still go to the SSS branch personally just to check their SSS contributions.

I hope this post reaches our kababayans here in the Philippines and abroad so that they can also take advantage of the SSS Online System.

Checking your SSS contributions regularly will keep you updated on your current contributions. This is also helpful especially to those who want to make sure that their companies or employers are paying their SSS contributions correctly and timely.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions regarding this post, please feel free to share it in the comments section below or send me a message through my CONTACT ME page. Thanks and talk to you soon! 🙂



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  1. your SSS online inquiry is not user friendly, the unsupported document is sucks please improve your services . it takes time to access our account online

  2. nagtry ako submit ko na yung phase 2 , but still wala kong nareceive na confirmation

  3. Melissa a. bungay says

    bakit po kailangan pa ng former employee sss number nung application online e hindi naman po lahat alam ang information na yon lalung lalu na ang mga katulad ko na matagal ng di nagtratrabaho at sarado na ang dating kumpanyang pinagtratrabauhan. gusto ko lang naman pong malaman ang number of contributions ko.

  4. Melissa a. bungay says

    apology po correction employer sss number po ibig ko sabihin.

  5. Nag loan ako ng salary ng august 11 hangang ngayon hinde pa domararting checke ko

  6. Diane jane cuevas says

    bakit po hindi ako maka log. in para check ko po o makita ang contribution ko?
    yung ss number ko bakit po invalid when i log in to ss online.. check for contribution.. last year po ako kumuha ng aking ss number…ano po ang aking gagawin? in case of this matter.. and by the way i am self employed..

  7. Nagwowork na po ako ngayon sa bagong company for two months po under agency po ako pero ng magcheck ako ng sss contribution ko online wala pong hulog yung bago kong employer kahit na kinaltasan naman yung sahod ko. Ang latest er na nakalagay pa din ay yung sa previous employer ko. Ibig po bag sabihin nun hindi hinuhulog ng new employer ko yung kinakaltas nila sa sahod ko?

  8. Hi,
    hindi user friendly and site ng SSS. ilang oras akong nag try mag log in hindi pwede kasi it needs internet explorer version 11. NAkaka loka!!!
    mag check lang naman ako ng contributions ko for the last 6 months!!!

  9. I just had the browser issue just now. Used Chrome, IE10 and 11, however still encounter HTTP 403 Forbidden error. This is what you need to do: make sure the url is, NOT
    Hope this helps because this is very frustrating so I just had to share this

  10. sss benefits tgp ruben tan chua proprietor and mpic chairman manny pangilinan hindi pa naibigay makunat violations of sss laws 12yrs imprisonment best employer in the world is facebook founder and ceo mark suckerberg 2016 CNN NEWS 9, Thanks to the Lord God For The blessings, very good health to us forever,amen

  11. Rosal bulaong says

    Your site is helpful and faster than sss

  12. why I can’t still proceed to the next step of registration online.
    everytime I go to the sss office they said that my last employer need to submit R-1A but they submit already submit and until now sss said again what they said

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