How to Send Money thru Paypal

Because of its simplicity and very user-friendly platform, more and more people are curious on how to send money thru Paypal for their remittances

And as the world gets more and more digital with the passing of times, Filipinos keep up with the trend by adopting a lifestyle deemed equally digital primarily by having access to the internet with either a computer or mobile devices.


The world and its people have never been closer to one another apart from this technology since.

But the use of the internet is more than just used for studies through research on search engines and socializing via social networks, it, too, has become a way of living for other people be it as a person who employs people from abroad to work at home or the worker themselves employed by such employers.

Making the experience more engaging, however, is a safe and secure means of payment that makes outsourcing both a feasible method of doing business abroad and one which makes payments convenient to both the sender and the receiver in the employer-employee relationship.

One of such method is PayPal.

How to Send Money thru Paypal:

  1. Log in to your Paypal account.
  2. Enter your friend’s email or mobile number and an amount to send.
  3. Choose the bank account or card to use, and send your money securely.
  4. They’ll receive the money into their PayPal account or a link to sign up to access it.

If they don’t have a PayPal account, Paypal will send them a link to sign up so they can access the money.


A Popular Means of Payment Online

PayPal has come a long way as an established unit since having started for business back in 1998.

Having gone through a merger with, an online banking company, and later on as a subsidiary of eBay, a very popular e-Commerce platform, PayPal’s significance as a reliable means of internet payment makes it a top choice among many consumers across the globe.

But PayPal won’t be a platform of choice among the internet users if not of its conveniences as a means of paying or receiving money online.

Specifically, PayPal is preferred over other means of transacting payments online because of the following reasons:



  • Sending Paypal payment online is as fast as an instant – payments sent by a buyer is received as soon as it was deposited, even just a matter of a second
  • Encrypted and secured means of payment – merchants do not get a view of sensitive information about your PayPal account such as credit card number or checking account number used with it
  • Flexible choice of payment – the buyer gets to pay with either the use of the bank account or credit card
  • No hidden charges – every penny to be deducted from your account is reflected on every transaction even before it is completed
  • Not restricted to a few currencies – PayPal has support of multiple currencies, all of which follows on a certain exchange rating
  • Having an active PayPal account does not require maintenance fees – the only expense the buyer will ever make with his/her account is in its activation, if credit card was not an option



  • No waiting period – receive the money in an instant as soon as the payment has been deposited into the seller’s PayPal account
  • Wider access to global customers – accept payments from anyone across the globe with a payment using a currency that is easily converted to another
  • Less chances of getting scammed – sellers are protected by any potential scam with PayPal’s Seller Protection Policy
  • Business entities who make use of PayPal as a means of receiving payments are charged at a low rate – so low, businesses find it convenient


For freelancers such as myself, PayPal has always been a necessity especially when dealing with clients abroad whose primary choice of payment is PayPal.

Who, after all, would not opt for something to use for free yet still reap the benefits of what a good means of internet payment is capable of.

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