Send Money from US to Philippines with PLDT and UniTeller Remittance App

Good news for Filipinos in the US who send money to their families back in the Philippines!

PLDT, through PGC, has partnered with UniTeller Financial Services to develop a new online remittance portal and mobile application, where Filipinos in the USA can send money to their loved ones back home conveniently and at affordable rates.

“We would like to make the practice of money remittance easier, faster and more convenient for our relatives in the US who have always been there for us,” said Alex Caeg , PLDT Global president and CEO.

“With this mobile remittance app, they can send money anytime and anywhere they are,” said Alberto, PLDT’s executive vice president and head of enterprise and international and carrier business.


Filipinos abroad work really hard to earn money and they want to make the most out of it by choosing the cheapest and the most secure way to send their hard-earned money to their families in the Philippines.

The lower the remittance fee, the higher the amount they could send back home. Every dollar counts. As of this writing, 1 USD is equal to 47 PHP, which can buy a good lunch meal already in the Philippines.

There may be a lot of existing remittance centers and other ways to send money to the Philippines, but it’s also exciting to know that PLDT and UniTeller, have something new to offer: a new service that will disrupt the conventional way of sending money by personally going to a bank or a remittance center. A new service that can be done ONLINE at the comfort of your own home or while at work.

“With this new mobile app, sending money would be as easy as texting or updating our Facebook status,” Caeg said.

How this Remittance Service Works

The user can easily send money by registering to the online portal or mobile app, then enter the bank account, credit or debit card details and the beneficiary or recipient in the Philippines.

The Companies behind this New Remittance Platform

PLDT Global Corporation (PGC) is a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), the leading supplier of domestic and international telecommunications services in the Philippines. PGC is the international marketing, sales and operating arm of PLDT.

UniTeller Financial Services, on the other hand, is an International Money Transfer Processing Company in the United States that carries a network of more than 30,000 paying locations and helps its clients and customers send money in a fast, secure, and convenient way.

UniTeller has a local office in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

These companies are optimistic that they can meet all the requirements of this new remittance platform and mobile application.

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