How to Apply for the NEW Improved Postal ID 2016

Are you a fresh grad wanting to have a valid ID for your job application requirements?

Are you a newly married woman, who want to have a valid ID with your married name on it?

Or are you trying to claim something and you need another valid ID in order to do that?

Whatever your reason may be, applying for a Postal ID can be the easiest and fastest solution for you to have a new valid ID.


What is Postal ID

A Postal ID is a government-issued ID that verifies the identity and address of a person. It can also be used to apply for other government IDs and gives access to a range of public services. The postal ID card is a primary form of identification for many Filipinos.

My Experience

I got my first Postal ID on December 4, 2013 (a few months after I got married) and this is how it looks like:


I remember I went back to the Post Office 3 weeks later to pick up my Postal ID.

It’s still active until December of this year, but I needed to apply for a new Postal ID under my maiden name to claim a very important document.


So I went to the PHLPost Office in Alimall on June 28, 2016 at around 2PM. I filled out the application form and submitted the requirements, which include my NSO birth certificate and my credit card statement with my home address.

I waited for almost an hour before my name was called. Then I went inside for the encoding of my information, capturing of biometrics, and picture taking.  

Lastly, I paid Php 504 and was told that my Postal ID will be delivered to my home address after 3 weeks.

Surprisingly, it was delivered only after 13 days, which was on July 11, 2016, and this is how it looks like:



I’m sure you’d agree that it looks much better than the old one.

What’s new with this Improved Postal ID is its black background on top or header portion and it says PREMIUM on the lower right portion of the card.

Prior to this Premium Postal ID, the PHLPost released the Basic one last year, with white background on top and it says BASIC. Here’s how it looks like:


Credit: PHLPost

UPDATE: September 21, 2016

Today, I received my new Postal ID in the mail.

As you can see in the Postal ID that I got in July 2016, it was only valid until September 28, 2016. I didn’t know why, but I was surprised when I got my new Postal ID and it shows that it is valid until June 28, 2019. It means I can use it for 3 years. 


Everything is the same except:

  • it looks like a grayish plastic layer was added on the the front side of the card
  • with 14 transparent cartoon figure of a postmaster or messenger (sorry, not sure what it’s called), which I believe is a new security feature of the card
  • my photo is a bit darker 

With the new improved Postal ID, we can now enjoy discounts, freebies and exclusive deals from MORE PHLPost partner-merchants. For more info, visit

Additional Security Features of the Improved Postal ID

According to PHLPost, they released the new Improved Postal ID to guarantee an individual’s identity with its biometrics-based uniqueness and to make ID verification simpler and reliable with its additional security features.


Who can apply for the NEW Postal ID?

  • Filipinos living in the Philippines
  • Filipinos living abroad, but were in the Philippines during the time of application
  • Foreign residents living in the Philippines for at least 6 months


What are the New Postal ID Application Requirements?

Aside from the two (2) copies of duly-accomplished Postal ID application form, only 2 documents are required to apply for Postal ID.

  1. Proof of Identity
  • Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate from NSO/Civil Registrar (LCR)
  • Or any government-issued ID (SSS/GSIS or UMID card, LTO driver’s license, or passport)
  1. Proof of Address
  • Original and photocopy of Barangay Clearance or Utility Bill or Credit Card Bill

*For married women, Marriage Certificate is also required

*For minors and foreign residents, click here for the requirements.


Check out the image below for more details.



How much is the new Improved Postal ID?

It’s Php 504.


Postal ID Card + Delivery Fee: Php 450

12% VAT: Php 54

Total Postal ID Payment: Php 504


Postal ID Validity

  • 3 years for Filipinos and and Foreign Residents with Special Retiree’s Resident Visa (SRRV)
  • 1 year for the rest of the foreign residents

Take note: With my new PREMIUM Postal ID, the expiration date is September 28, 2016, which means that it’s only valid for 3 months. The officer suggested me to wait until we have the new administration so I won’t have to renew my Postal ID anymore. I thought she was only referring to the possible change in the physical features of the card and the signatories. I’ll have to ask the Post Office about this and I’ll give you updates very soon.


Where to Apply for the NEW Postal ID?

You may apply and submit your requirements at any post office. Click here for the list of LOCATIONS.


How long does it take to deliver the New Postal ID to my address?

  • Metro Manila – approximately 15 working days from application
  • Other Major Cities and Municipalities – approximately 20 working days
  • Island Provinces and remote barangays – approximately 30 days

*Make sure to leave an authorization letter and one of your valid IDs to your family member or housemate in case you’re not around when your ID is delivered.


What will happen to my Basic but still VALID Postal ID?

You can still use it until it expires.

However, should you wish to apply for the new one even if your old Postal ID is still valid, it can be converted to the new one at a price discount:

  • 25% discount – for PID cards valid for the next 36 months
  • 20% discount – for PID cards valid for the next 24 to 35 months
  • 10% discount – for PID cards valid for the next 12 to 23 months


To summarize, here are the 4 steps on how to Apply for the New Postal ID

  1. Go to the nearest Post Office capture site.
  2. Submit 2 application forms with the 2 required documents.

You can get the forms at the Post Office or you may DOWNLOAD it here.

  1. Pay Php 504 for the Postal ID application fee (inclusive of delivery charge)
  2. Wait for the delivery of your Postal ID

Click here to read the complete FAQs for the New Postal ID

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  1. this is amazing cause ive been looking forward to have my postal id with me. they said itll only take 30days maximum before you can get your postal id. but i applied for it since August 22, 2016 but til now October 6,2016 the philpost keeps telling me it wasnt there yet and keeps me coming back every week! sucks! what a nice job

  2. Mary grace santos says

    Pwde po b gamitin and bagong postal ID sa pag kuha ng passport salamat po

    • Yes, according to the PhilPost website, it is now the primary ID accepted for passport application. Hope this helps!

  3. I want to know if where are the locations if your leaving in Caloocan City (Bagong Silang) . Do you have rush?

  4. Hello,
    Please inform me that How about those who already have a Postal I.D.? Can they just go their nearest post office and ask for their existing Postal I.D.s be replaced with the new one? Please guide me i am waiting for your reply please reply me soon.

  5. Hi! Can I send only a photocopy of the Birth Cert from NSO/Civil Registrar? Or I have to submit the original one two? I’m planning to apply for a passport too, so does that mean that I need to order two BCs? Thanks

  6. i follow up my postal id because i really need for get passport and open bank account ,message me if i already get the postal id for my location..thank you po !!

  7. elaine mendoza says

    ilang days po ba aabutin ng delivery ng postal ID kapag ‘ rush ” ang delivery request

  8. hi pwede bang makakuha ng postal ID sa manila kahit taga Mindanao ka?medyo madali lang kasi sa manila 15 days lang.thans.

  9. grabe corruption sa pinas.
    ginawang fund raising yung BASIC postal ID. a year after nung first applicants for BASIC postal id (take note wala pa noong premium, secret lng ng PhilPost). biglaan lumabas yung Premium, just a year later! In 2017, punta ako DFA pinakita ko yung valid BASIC postal id ko, expiring in 2019 tagal pa ha, pero sabi nila wala na raw bisa kasi hindi sya PREMIUM.

    KUKUHA NANAMAN AKO ULIT AT BABAYAD!!?!?! super-baba ng discount sa pag convert ng basic to premium. SANA HINDI NLNG AKO NAG APPLY ng BASIC hinintay ko yung premium

    • 2SMP Admin says

      ung sakin, nung available na ung premium, pinadala na nila kagad sa address ko for free. wala na akong binayaran.

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