“The Best Present is your Presence” – A Very Touching Video for OFWs

I’m not affiliated with BPI or Philam, but I just wanted to share how touching this video is especially for OFWs.

It brought me to tears the first time I saw it and I thought I wouldn’t cry anymore the second and third time I replayed the video, but I was wrong.

It’s just so moving and I couldn’t help but cry.

I remember when I was in elementary and high school, I felt so envious of my classmates whose parents or relatives were working abroad. They had nice shoes, expensive bags, stylish notebooks and pens, and of course imported chocolates.

Sometimes I wished my parents were also working abroad…             

I thought it was easy.

But after watching this video, I realized how hard it is for parents to be far from their children while working abroad and how much it affects their family when they’re away from home.

The children have expensive gadgets and other good stuff, but at the end of the day, it’s their parent’s presence that they’d want to have after all.

As shown in the video,

  • 40% of Filipino families have members working abroad.
  • 68% have 1 parent working abroad
  • 32% have both parents working abroad

And it’s true that “The sacrifice of working abroad allows you to provide a better life for your children.” As a parent, you’ll do everything to give the best for your family, even if it means going abroad and being away from them.            


But what do your children and family really want?          

Do they really want those expensive toys, clothes, and gadgets?

They probably do…

But it’s your presence that they want and need the most.

Nothing compares YOU.

Just like what BPI-Philam’s line says, “The Best Present is your Presence”.

To all OFWs, I know and I understand how difficult and painful it is to be away from your family. That’s why I respect and honor you for what you do. Keep up the good work and I wish the best for you and and your family.

God bless!

(Statistics Source: United Nations Children’s Fund, The Effects of Parent’s Migration on The Rights of Children Left Behind in The Philippines, Division of Policy and Practice, UNICEF, Philippines, August 2008)

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