BPI Credit Card Promo 2017: Free Jollibee Meals


As a loyal BPI Credit Cardholder, I always look forward to BPI credit card’s real thrills and promos.

The last time they had a shop anywhere promo was last April to August 2017. My family and I had a few trips to Starbucks using the e-coupons that I received from BPI through my qualified credit card purchases. READ MORE

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Worldremit offers Zero Fee for first money transfer to any BDO Account


We know for a fact that it’s hard to earn money nowadays.

That’s why for our kababayan abroad who send money to their loved ones here in the Philippines, as much as possible, they want to save on remittance fees.

Well, here’s a good news!

Worldremit, which is BDO Remit’s largest UK-based online money transfer partner, is offering zero fees for customers on their first money transfer to any of the following: READ MORE

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Where to Find BPI Offices and BPI Tie-up Companies in UAE


BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) offers remittance services to OFWs who are based in the United Arab Emirates or UAE.

Its remittance centers and partners are located in key areas in UAE that allow Filipinos to remit to their BPI account, make payments or send money to anyone in the Philippines.

To know more about BPI’s service in UAE, you may visit or contact their office in Dubai. READ MORE

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Remitly: The Best Way for Seafarers to Send Money Online


Good news to all the Seafarers who are working on cruise ships!

There’s a new and better way to send money to your loved ones in the Philippines and it’s with Remitly!

You don’t need to wait in long lines, pay high transfer fees, and sacrifice on low exchange rates. With Remitly, you can maximize your money’s worth because of its great exchange rates. READ MORE

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How to Send Money through Money Padala by TrueMoney


Sending money to loved ones is just one of the responsibilities of many Filipinos to their family.

I, for example, send money monthly to my parents who are based in the province, for their personal expenses. They don’t ask or oblige me or my other siblings to give them money, but it’s just a fulfilling and wonderful feeling to share with them even a small amount of cash for whatever purpose they may have. READ MORE

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