1. Hi i just want to ask when will my payment reflect on my account?

  2. felicisima p. donos says

    Hello! Good day, I have an BPI account in Cebu City Jones Ave. I have a problem re: my ENCHANGE VALUE FUND as beneficiary from my deceases mother. I just found out lately that the my 1st name is not correctly spelled and the inter changing of my middle name and my family name..I called PETPLANS Manila about this matter, and was informed that I have to do my correction of records in BPI Main Office Manila. The person I have talked to gave me name. Mrs. Diane Surionay and some email fo the ff: jrdelprada.; have a letter of request regarding this problem and some documents attach to support. I been trying to send this letter of request but failed..Can you please send me the correct email add of a person to who I can this, in order to solve my problem. I tried to call the tel. Nos. given but still I cannot make it thru…Hoping, this time I can have an answer from you in my email add. Thank you very much, Respectfully, FELICISIMA P.DONOS

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