How to Maximize your Earnings as a Freelancer with Payoneer

E-commerce industries continue to grow each day and they use online payment transactions through e-payment systems.

As a Filipino freelance writer, I wanted to reward myself with ease in mind whenever I receive payments from my US clients.

At least this is one worry crossed out from my list and can focus in my writing, meeting client’s requirement and deadline.


Payoneer provides more Philippine Pesos from my US Payout

Let me briefly explain why I consider Payoneer as the best among other cross border payment providers.

Compared with Paypal and US banks, Payoneer had waived its 2% fee based on my volume of payments received.

That is one charge that will add on to the final amount of my take-out.

With a conversion fee of 2%, it is lower than PayPal and bank transfers. Perhaps this table will help you get a clearer picture.



Simply put, with a $1,000 pay-out I will receive P44,707.60 in Philippine currency, better than PayPal, better than US banks.

However, I did not stop there. After all writing is hard work, mixing those words to have a unique content; checking on syntax, colloquialism, spelling, and punctuations; meeting hard deadlines and customer’s specifications. I wanted to have the best offer for my hard-earned money.

There were still other options for sending money to the Philippines. For a $250 payment from a US client sent to a Filipino writer here are the fees that will be incurred.

PayPal Mass Payments  $11.25
Western Union    $11.00
Wire Transfer $32.50
Payoneer   $10.00

Numbers don’t lie, the fees were based on the fixed charges that these companies apply.

You will notice that Payoneer is still on top of the list with the least fee.


7 Reasons why you should consider Payoneer to receive payments

As a freelance writer, I already tried different e-payment providers as required by clients or by choice. For me, I have seen the differences in terms of more advantages instead of inconvenience.

Still not convinced?

It would be much better if I can explain the features that Payoneer provides when sending money to the Philippines.

  • Competitive exchange rates

Payoneer accepts over 100+ currencies around the world and converts them at competitive rates. For this feature, I get better US Dollar to Philippine-Peso conversion rate.

  • Reliable internal security

Payoneer assures that my account is fully protected with modern security settings against any fraudulent activities.

  • Apps anywhere and anytime

Through this feature, I can make online transactions or shop for my favorite online stores using a smartphone at my convenience.

  • Excellent MasterCard feature

Payoneer provides Visa MasterCard which allows me to make cash withdrawals through ATMs or pay my transactions and bills online. This also enables me to receive payments via credit cards from clients abroad.

  • Fast and accurate account checking

I can verify payments by checking U.S. bank fund transfer to our local bank accounts within a short period of time unlike Paypal and others where I have to wait longer for a completed process.

  • Direct money transfer

By using my personal computer, I can both receive and transfer funds from one Payoneer account to another or even make deposits directly to someone else’s bank account with a minimal fee.

  • Friendly 24/7 support

As compared to other customer care services, Payoneer Philippines 24/7/365 support group warmly answers my questions regarding online transaction.


Sharing my experiences with Payoneer will hopefully swing your decision in their favor as your online payment provider.

Disclosure: This article was written by one of our contributors, who is a freelance writer and who uses Payoneer to receive payment from his clients.




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