8 Reasons Why You Should Send Money to Philippines with Payoneer

There are a lot of financial service businesses that provides online money transfer particular for payments done online.

If you are an online business owner, blogger, or just someone who loves to shop online, then you may have met several e-commerce companies that allow you to pay or to receive payments online.

Most popular of them all is of course Paypal.

However, there are still some countries which Paypal’s services are not yet available. Thus, the need for alternatives.


One of the the rising stars in the e-payment industry is Payoneer, a financial services business founded in 2005 by then-CEO Yuval Tal and some private investors.

Payoneer is similar with Paypal but it has several distinct features that make it standout.


8 Reasons Why You Should Send Money to Philippines with Payoneer

Security. Payoneer regularly updates and improves their technology to protect their customers from fraud.

Currency. Currently, Payoneer supports over 100 currencies worldwide. This includes the Philippines. The Payoneer MasterCard automatically converts foreign currencies to local pesos at competitive rates.

Free MasterCard. Payoneer issues a free MasterCard when you apply for their services. You can use this card to withdraw your money at any ATM machines. Plus, when you lose this card, they can replace it for you.

Free USA Virtual Checking Bank Account. Through this feature the transfer of money, like payments, from US banks to Philippine-based bank accounts takes only minutes. This is a great leap from most remittance companies who can send your money from the US to the Philippines in weeks if not months!

Apps. Another amazing feature of Payoneer is the availability of apps which users can use to transact on the go. And they’re also available for free! This removes the hassle of going to ATM machines which also charge fees for some transactions.

Account to Account Money Transfer. There is no need to deposit money at someone else’s bank account. Through using this very helpful Payoneer feature, anyone can send money through the computer from one Payoneer connected bank account to another.

Money Transfer to Local Bank Accounts. This is currently a limited feature but as Payoneer expands its reach we can expect it to provide this service to more customers around the world. Through this feature one can send or pay directly to a seller’s local bank account by using a Payoneer account.

Unparalleled Customer Support. This is where Payoneer really stands out! Paypal is notorious for having really poor user-friendly interfaces and customer support. Payoneer addresses this difference by providing a strong customer support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 30 days a month. Where will else can you find that kind of dedication to customers?


4 Easy Steps to Apply for a Payoneer account:

  1. Visit the Payoneer website here.
  2. Click the SIGN UP button and accomplish the application form.
  3. Activate your MasterCard and wait for 2 weeks to receive it.
  4. Once MasterCard arrives, apply for Payoneer US Payment service.


Payoneer is obviously a great alternative to Paypal and other e-commerce services company worldwide.

And because of its many valuable features, more and more people are considering to use it or are even switching to Payoneer now for their online money transactions.

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