How to Receive Adsense Revenue through Western Union

For bloggers like me who earn ad revenue from Google Adsense, there’s something exciting to look forward to every 25th of the month.


Because it’s our pay day! 🙂

Google Adsense issues payment every 21st of the month and it usually is available for withdrawal a day or few days after depending on the payment option.

I personally prefer to receive payment through Western Union because of its low fees, high exchange rates, and accessibility.

Unlike other big-time bloggers, I don’t earn that much yet from Google Adsense and that’s also another reason why I find it practical and convenient to receive payments via Western Union.


Is there a limit?

Depending on the Western Union branch, there may be a maximum limit on the amount you can receive in a single payment.

Some branches may split it into multiple payments if the amount that you’re going to withdraw or claim exceeds the limit.

Other branches may not have enough funds to release the payment especially if it’s a huge amount.

This is one of the reasons why most big-time bloggers prefer to receive payments in other ways like direct bank deposit or through Payoneer using a US bank account even if the fees are a bit higher than Western Union.

So, if you’re earning Php 100,000 (approximately $2,100) or less, I suggest you receive payment via Western Union if you want to save on fees and take advantage of high exchange rates.


How to choose or set Western Union as your Payment Option in Adsense

  • After signing in to your Adsense account, click the gear icon, then select Payments, and Payment Settings
  • Add a new form of payment, then select Western Union, and make sure that the delivery name is correct. Make sure your delivery name matches the name on your valid ID so you won’t encounter any issues when you withdraw or claim your payment at Western Union branch.



How to Receive or Claim Payment from Western Union

  • Go to the nearest Western Union USSC branch.
  • Fill out the form that says, “To Receive Money (International).
  • Make sure you write the correct MTCN or Money Transfer Control Number, which you can get from your Adsense account one the payment is issued
  • Present a valid ID to the cashier
  • If you agree to encash the amount with the current Exchange Rate, the cashier will then give you the payment in your local currency (pesos)
  • Count your money and be thankful for what you have received no matter how big or small it is. 🙂


Yes, there’s money in blogging…

The money that is sent or received is a product of our hard work and dedication.

As a blogger, I get paid for posting blogs that help other people or the readers in one way or another. I share and promote my blog posts on different platforms including social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Just like any other jobs, blogging is not an easy work. It takes passion, dedication and massive actions to earn from blogging.

What you will earn from blogging will depend on the topics and the number of posts that you publish each month; strategies on how you promote your articles; and how consistent you are in publishing your blog posts.



Tips to Avoid Frauds or Scams with Western Union

Like I said earlier, we work hard to earn money. We don’t want our money to be put to waste and we don’t want to get scammed.

Here are some tips to avoid scams:

  1. Never share your Adsense account information with anyone.
  2. Never share your Western Union MTCN or Money Transfer Control Number with anyone.
  3. Before you fill out and submit the form to the cashier, ask first if you can receive payment with the expected amount to know if they have available funds for your withdrawal. If not, try another branch.
  4. When you fill out the RECEIVE form at the Western Union branch, make sure that nobody is looking at it. Cover your form especially when you’re writing your personal information and the MTCN.
  5. When receiving the money, count it again and check if there are fake bills. If everything’s good, put it in an envelope, then go home safely. If you’re expecting a huge amount of money, ask a relative or friend to accompany you for added security.

Here are some other tips from Western Union to avoid Scams and Fraud.


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