Remitly: Cheapest Way to Send Money to Philippines from USA

Most Overseas Filipino Workers depend on remittance services to send money to their families in order to support them. Being able to find the right service that makes quick and secure deliveries for as small a fee as possible used to be rather difficult. Before the Internet, your loved ones would have to wait for days or even weeks to get the money.

But nowadays, with online remittance services, you can now send money almost instantly with virtually no hassle and worries. You’re pretty much spoiled for choice these days, but there are some that are cut above the rest, even the supposed top names in the industry. In a world where everything has been made lightning fast, people go for no-brainers.

That is pretty much what Remitly is from the ground up as an online remittance service, and it does well in putting up against the competition.

Remitly offers online remittance that transfers money across the globe in minutes for as low as $3.99, which is much less than other services. Whether it’s for an emergency or some urgent need, that money can be sent fast. Of course, fees go higher the more money you send, but that’s only fair.

If you’re not really in a hurry and don’t want to deal with fees, you can also opt for the Economy 3-day transfer, in which you need not pay a fee at all. Remitly boasts better exchange rate and lower fees compared to its competitors like Xoom and Western Union, making it a more viable remittance option for those who really want to get their money’s worth.

Take note that there’s a limit to how much money you can send at one time. This is to maintain safety and security, as well as to comply with banking and anti-money laundering laws. Remember this before sending money, and perhaps you’ll want to space your transfers into smaller chunks if you have to send a large amount of money to your loved ones in the the Philippines.

There are various ways your money can be received in the Philippines through Remitly. If cash pickup is desired, Remitly has over 10,000 locations in the Philippines, including branches of BDO, BPI, and PNB, as well as Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier, and Palawan pawnshops. Globe Telecom centers and GCash locations also receive money from Remitly, as well as SM Malls throughout the country.

Aside from cash pickup, there’s the usual bank deposit. Remitly sends money to over 60 banks in the Philippines. There are also various delivery options available. You can even send money to Globe GCash Wallet through GCash Remit, after which the recipient can then withdraw through a GCash outlet. You can send in both Philippine Peso and US Dollar, although the latter may require prior notice from the chosen bank’s local branch before withdrawal.

As the transfer process is ongoing, status updates are sent to both sender and recipient through text message and email, as well as through the free Remitly app for both iPhone and Android. If you’re on your computer, just log into your Remitly account and go to My Account, then Transactions to view all status updates. You receive updates after you submit your transfer and get a receipt with the reference number, after the recipient gets the money, if ever the transactions is delayed for any reason, and if you make changes to the transaction.

Using Remitly to send money to the Philippines takes 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Sign up for a Remitly account or log into your existing Remitly account.

Step 2: Choose how you want the money to be sent, either through cash pickup, bank deposit, GCash Remit, or so on.

Step 3: Enter recipient information, including mobile number and other contact information. They will get status updates as you do, especially when the money has been delivered.

Step 4: Choose which way you want to transfer money from.

Step 5: Once you’re sure about everything, confirm the transaction.

To add to that, there are also promotional offers for all Remitly customers, as well as the Remitly Rewards referral program. Whenever you recommend Remitly to your friends, whether through personal contact or through social media and email, you earn some cool rewards. When you want to claim your reward, you may check your balance and send money once you want to claim it. You can do this all through either the Remitly website or the free mobile Remitly app.

If you’re looking for a great online remittance service, Remitly is a strong contender that can go toe-to-toe with everything else with its fast and secure money transfers.

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