Send Money Online Anytime, Anywhere with WorldRemit

WorldRemit is another low-cost alternative to sending money to anywhere in the world.

If you’ve been sending money before and you’re sick and tired of the huge fees of other remittance companies, then you should definitely try WorldRemit.

WorldRemit’s goal is to get your money – to your recipient – however they want it – whenever they need it. And that’s through its online money transfer services, which makes the whole process of sending money a lot easier, secure, and convenient.


4 Reasons to choose WorldRemit

  1. Low cost

WorldRemit’s low fees are displayed up-front and they have guaranteed exchange rates. This is best if you really want to make the most of your money.

  1. Fast

With WorldRemit, your money can be transferred instantly to many countries.

You can send and receive notifications via SMS and email, which gives you peace of mind when making money transactions.

  1. Simple

WorldRemit is available 24/7. You don’t need to deal with agents unlike with other money remittance companies. You can make your transactions using your computer, smartphone or tablet, all at the comfort of your home wherever you are as long as you have internet connection.

  1. Trusted

WorldRemit has gotten $140 million funding from investors of Facebook and it’s been rated “Excellent” by their customers on Trustpilot.


4 Ways to Receive Money

  1. Bank deposit

If you choose to have your recipient or beneficiary receive your remittance through bank deposit, the money goes directly to the recipient’s bank account.

  1. Cash pickup

If it’s more convenient for your recipient to pick-up the money, it will be available at collection locations in minutes.

  1. Mobile Money

More and more people are using mobile money now. With WorldRemit, the money is added instantly to Mobile Money wallets.

  1. Airtime top-up

With WorldRemit, Mobile airtime is topped-up instantly.

If you encounter any delay, you may contact

4 Ways to Pay for money remittance through WorldRemit

  1. Send direct from your bank account or pay by card
  2. Debit card
  3. Credit card
  4. Bank transfer

3 Simple Steps to Send Money with WorldRemit

  1. Select country

Select the country where you would like to send an airtime top-up to.

  1. Enter mobile number

After you chose the country, the country code will be added automatically and you just need to enter the mobile number.

  1. Send airtime

Decide how you would like to pay.  Both you and the recipient will get SMS/email notifications to confirm that the airtime has been added.



Is it Safe to Send Money through WorldRemit?

Because it’s not easy to earn and make money these days, we always want to make sure that the money remittance service we choose is safe and secured, and can guarantee successful remittance to our family and friends back home.

WorldRemit boasts of its extremely safe online service because they use certified technology from Norton that ensures your computer or smartphone will only communicate with WorldRemit once the connection to their system has been authenticated.

This is also backed by a number of people abroad who have used WorldRemit and who had a great experience with this online money remittance service.

I personally checked WorldRemit’s FB page to see what people say about their service and most of the comments are positive, which is a good sign.

Here’s a video of a Filipino in the USA who regularly sends money to his relatives and friends in the Philippines through WorldRemit.

To know more about WorldRemit, you may visit their website and FAQs page.

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