Send Money to Philippines via Western Union and get FREE 30-day package

Good news for our Kababayans in the US, Canada, Middle East, Oceania, Central and South America, as well as selected countries in Europe, Asia and Africa!

You can now watch your favourite TV programs through The Filipino Channel (TFC) for FREE every time you send money to your loved ones back home in the Philippines via Western Union.

Yes, you heard it right!

You can watch for FREE for 30 days with the Lite Package worth US$7.95.


Most of us have friends and relatives abroad who either work or live there, but still make it a point to get in touch with their loved ones back in the Philippines.

This promo would be beneficial for them because not only are they able to support their families through their remittances, but also their “homesickness” will somehow be lessened because they get to watch TV programs or shows as if they’re in the Philippines.


This is a promotional agreement between TFC’s ABS-CBN Global Group and Western Union that aims to connect Filipinos from different parts of the world to their families back home.

And this is by sending money to the Philippines through Western Union and by giving them the opportunity to enjoy our local programs through TFC.


How to Redeem Lite Package

The sender will be qualified to redeem 1 Lite Package valid for 30 days for each transfer paid out in the Philippines within five days from the transaction date.

The sender can redeem a maximum of 3 redemptions only during the promo period.

The sender can watch his favourite ABS-CBN shows or programs online with this FREE streaming package from TFC using his or her smart phone or laptop.

This package also gives him access to 7 day archive of programs on the Lite Package and 10 selected movies featuring John Lloyd Cruz, who is the current celebrity endorser of Western Union.


How long is this promo available?          

This promo is available from May 15 to August 15, 2016.

According to Patricia Riingen, Western Union’s Senior vice President for Southeast Asia and Ocenia Regions, the three-month offer may be too short, but this would give them the opportunity to decide whether customers liked the promotion or not.

They’re open to extending this promo depending on the result of this campaign.


It’s so nice to know that huge corporations like Western Union and ABS-CBN continue to make efforts to bring families closer despite the distance.

For our kababayans abroad who are not yet subscribed to TFC, this is a good opportunity for you to explore the programs for FREE when you send your remittance through Western Union and decide later if you want to continue with the subscription or not.

Good luck and enjoy watching our local shows! 🙂


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