SSS LRP: Complete List of Areas under State of Calamity

Have you heard about the SSS LRP?

Do you have past-due loan/s with the Philippine Social Security System that you want to settle?

In my previous post, I shared about what this SSS Loan Restructuring Program is about.

In another post, I shared the steps and instructions on how to apply for SSS Loan Restructuring Program.

And since I published these 2 posts, I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries from our kababayans here and abroad on how they can avail of this program.

Some of them were asking if they are eligible and qualified because they have no idea if their residence or work address had been declared under State of Calamity during the previous calamities and disasters.

Even I could not give them an answer in the past few days as I wasn’t sure about it as well.

But here’s the good thing!

SSS has finally released the complete list of the areas affected by the previous calamities and disasters that would determine if you are qualified or not to apply for this SSS Loan Restructuring Program.

If you haven’t read my previous posts yet, you might be wondering why you would need this list of calamity-stricken areas.

According to Boobie Angela A. Ocay, SSS assistant vice-president,

The LRP is in response to the widespread clamor from individuals and organizations to alleviate the burden of calamity-stricken workers, who face difficulties in paying their SSS loans after suffering from natural and man-made disasters that have devastated our country in recent years.” (source)

Hence, if you’re thinking about applying for this SSS Loan Restructuring Program, you definitely should check this list.
Btw, this list first appeared on my other blog,, and this is the official list that was sent to me by the Philippine Social Security System.
SSS Loan Restructuring Program-List of Calamity Areas - part 1
SSS Loan Restructuring Program-List of Calamity Areas - part 2
If you live or work (or previously lived or worked) here in Metro Manila and you’re still not sure if you can apply for the SSS Loan Restructuring Program, look at the list of affected areas under ONDOY (2009).
You will find National Capital Region or NCR, which has been declared by the national government under State of Calamity during Typhoon Ondoy back in 2009. This means that you are covered.
Now if you want to know how to apply for SSS Loan Condonation Program, CLICK HERE to read the instructions.

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  1. rosiE ORTEGA PINCA says

    verry helpful now i know and im qualified

  2. What if nag-loan po ako ng May 2014 (salary loan). Pero hindi kasama ang Zambales sa clamity striken area ng taong 2014 po. Hindi po ba ako qualified? Kasama lang po kasi ang Zambales noong Ondoy 2009. Or regardless po yan sa date ng calamity? Basta nasa list ang lugar mo mula 2009-2015?

    • 2SMP Admin says

      yes pwede mag-apply. apply na po kayo before the deadline on april 27.

      • Umberto Virtucio says

        I am from Cubao, QC, I got my loan last 1998 or 1999, after which the compny i worked for closed down…unfortunately it seemed that the company’s HR was not able to deduct from my salary to pay the loan. From then till now I was not able to pay…thus accumulated a large penalty. am i qualified for the condonation

  3. Herminigilda p. Balubar says

    My father had a calamity loan during mt. Pinatubo eruption way back in 1991… he was granted 5k for the said loan… Is he qualified for restructuring program of sss? Hope to hear words from this site po… Thanks and more power!

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