The Ultimate Guide to BDO Online Banking

Banco de Oro or BDO is one of the largest and most trusted banks in the Philippines.

If you are working abroad and you want to send money to your loved ones back home, BDO Online Banking is one of the best options to consider.

What to Consider Before Sending Money Through BDO

Before you could transfer funds from your BDO account to another person’s account, there are things that you need to consider first:

  1. Make sure that you already have an existing savings account with BDO. If you don’t have an account yet, you can apply for a BDO Account at the nearest BDO branch.
  2. Register your account online for BDO Internet Banking and activate it using your ATM card at the BDO ATM machine.
  3. Register your family’s or beneficiary’s or friend’s accounts on your BDO online account online and activate it using your ATM card at the BDO ATM machine.
  4. Deposit money to your BDO Account and make sure you have enough balance before transferring money to other accounts.

TIP: It’s best to do these steps while you’re still in the Philippines because there might be no BDO branch in the country where you’re going to work or stay.


How to Enroll or Register your BDO Account for Online Banking

  1. Type in your Internet browser
  2. Click “Enroll Now!”
  3. Read the “Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions of Use” and tick the box if you fully understood and agreed, then hit Submit.
  4. Fill-out the Online Enrollment Form, put a check mark on the Internet Banking box *, and click Submit.
  5. Take note of your ATM Activation Code in the acknowledgment page as you will use this to activate your Internet Banking account using your BDO ATM Debit Card
  6. Activate your account at any BDO ATM within 45 days* You can also enroll in Mobile and/or Phone Banking by putting a check mark in the boxes.

WATCH THIS >> How to Register your BDO Account Online

Steps to enroll or register Other Person’s BDO Account for Online Transfer:

  1. Type in your Internet browser
  2. Hover your mouse over Online Banking Login and Click BDO Online Banking
  3. Login with your username and password
  4. Enter your OTP (One-time Password) which you will receive through your registered mobile phone number; OR answer the Challenge Question.
  5. Click Enrollment Services; Other Person’s Account; Enroll.
  6. Fill-out the information needed then click Submit.

WATCH THIS >> How to enroll Other Person’s BDO Account

How to Activate BDO Online Banking Enrollment

After you filled out the enrollment form, the BDO Quick Acknowledgment Page will show up on the screen, with the activation code and instructions on how to activate the enrollment.

  1. Go to the nearest BDO ATM (machine)
  2. Insert your ATM Card
  3. Other Services > Activate Electronic Banking > Enter the Activation Code

You have 45 days to activate the enrollment and once it’s activated, you can transfer funds to the other person’s account anytime you want.

But what if you’re already outside the Philippines, how can you activate your BDO Account for Online Banking?

  1. Fill out the Original copy of the Enrollment Form and Print it.
  2. Affix your Signature (Make sure it matches with what you have on your valid IDs)
  3. Send or Mail the Original Signed Enrollment Form to your Branch of Account (in the Philippines) with a photocopy of your 2 valid IDs.

Important Notes:

  • To know your Branch of Account or BOA and its address, visit BDO’s website and click Branches/ATMs.
  • Scanned copy of the form is not allowed or will not be accepted
  • BDO doesn’t monitor nor can track mails sent through couriers
  • BDO Enrollment will be activated as soon as they receive the documents, if no issues found.
  • An email notification will be sent to you once the enrollment is approved and you may start using the BDO Online banking facility at least within 24 hours.
  • Unprocessed Online Enrollments are automatically deleted by the system after 45 days. Make sure to submit or mail your documents right after you enroll online.

How to TRANSFER Money Online to Other Person’s BDO Account:

  1. Type in your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari, etc)
  2. Hover your mouse over Online Banking Login and Click BDO Online Banking
  3. Login with your username and password
  4. Enter your OTP (One-time Password) which you will receive through your registered mobile phone number; OR answer the Challenge Question.
  5. Under Quick Links, click the Icon with the two reversing arrows; OR click the right arrow under Actions at the far right side of your Account Number, then click “Transfer my Funds”
  6. Fill-out the information needed: Transfer from, Transfer to, Amount, and Remarks
  7. Under Payment Schedule, click Immediately (or you can also choose Later Date or Regular Schedule)
  8. Under Add to My Transfers, enter a hint or something that will remind you of the transaction. (You may copy the Remarks if you want), then click Submit.
  9. Verify the details of your Fund Transfer and if everything is correct, click Continue.
  10. A confirmation email of the Fund Transfer Transaction will be sent to your registered email address. You may also check your account balance to see if the transfer was successful.

WATCH THIS >> How to TRANSFER Money Online to Other Person’s BDO Account

How to Deposit Money to BDO Account within the Philippines

If you are in the Philippines, depositing money to your BDO account is very easy.

All you need to do is go to the nearest BDO branch, fill out the deposit slip, line up and wait until it’s your turn to make your transaction.

Depositing money to your BDO account is FREE if within the same area or there might be a minimal fee if the recipient’s account is in some provinces.

The bank teller should tell you if there’s a charge for your transaction or you can inquire beforehand.

How to Deposit Money to BDO Account outside the Philippines

On the other hand, if you’re based abroad, you can deposit money to your account through BDO if there’s a BDO branch available in that country.

If there’s none, you can deposit through a money transfer business or remittance center.

Remittance Charges

Depositing money to your BDO account abroad or outside the Philippines has corresponding charges or fees depending on the bank or remittance center.

The good thing is, transferring money ONLINE from your BDO account to another BDO account is FREE of charge.

It’s easy, fast, and convenient, thus it’s one of the best ways to transfer money online.

BDO Balance Inquiry

It’s also very easy and convenient to check your current balance. All you need is a computer or smart phone with Internet Connection, and you can easily check your BDO balance Inquiry. 

Click here to read:

BDO Online Banking is giving us the most convenient way of doing or bank transactions without the hassle of going to the bank personally.

If haven’t tried using online banking facility yet, it’s time for you to try it out! Don’t get left behind. Use the technology now and you’re realize how much time and money you’re losing if you’re not.


  1. Please help me

    • Hi Maylene, what help do you need?

    • Banko de oro says

      BDO slogan” We find ways…to make you stand(sitting down is not an option)” Pagpumila kayo tayo lang walang upuan…we find ways kasi …kahit senior citizen pa…magdusa kayo sa kakatayo sa pila

  2. Mam janice ask ko lang po. May dalawa po akong account sa BDO yung isa kung account ay sa cebu branch kasi payroll account yun tapos yung isa ay sa Negros oriental na account. nka register na po yung account ko sa cebu sa online banking tapus gusto ko po mag money transfer sa negros oreintal na account pwede po ba yun?

    • hi manilyn, yes you can enroll your other account in negros oriental to your account in cebu, then activate it at the ATM machine.
      You should be able to transfer money after that.

  3. Can i reload an unenrolled cash card using the “send money” facility? I can use it though with a regular bank account.

    My problem is that i cannot enroll other person’s accounts online because i am out of the country.

  4. Teresa esplago nanale says

    Hi po d2 aq bahrain now bago aq pumunta d2 nag open pero d q na activate ung ATM q pero nag huhulog aq makukuha q pa Maya ung mga hinulog q?

    • 2SMP Admin says

      Hi Ma’am Teresa, ano po ibig sabihin nyo na hindi naactivate ang ATM?
      Do you mean po ung ATM card PIN or or ung online banking?

  5. Hi! I want to transfer funds through BDO online. I have already enrolled that account through OTHER PERSON’S ACCOUNT for payment purposes. I am aware that I will see a confirmation screen if the transfer is successful however, my question is will the person whom I transferred funds to receive any notice that I have sent the money as proof of payment?

  6. Hi, I just want to ask if I can use my bdo online to send money to Western Union, LBC , Cebuana or any other express money that people usually use?
    thank you

    • 2SMP Admin says

      hi Mhaj, i haven’t personally tried sending from bdo online to other remittance centers.
      as far as i know, the bdo online banking facility is only good for transferring funds from bdo to bdo account only.
      pero you can inquire directly sa bdo para sure. thanks!

  7. Hello. Please help… I enrolled to online banking thru the website as I am outside of the Philippines. I already got the phone call from the BDO service associate to verify my application. Apparently, when I login to my BDO online banking, it says that the status of my online baking application is still pending. Been waiting to have this activated as I need to send money for my daughter`s tuition fee..

    • 2SMP Admin says

      hi manny, the only way i know to activate the bdo online banking acct is by going to the atm machine.
      not sure if there’s already an update with bdo if you can activate it in a different way.

  8. Hi po,
    How can I check my balance online on my kabayan savings account in the Philippines while am still here I United Kingdom?


  9. Ann Biah CleaLibay says

    Hello po,
    Good Day!
    anu po mangyayari once na ginawa mu ung send money to any BDO account without doing the activation yet?
    Pero sa balance ko nagreflect na nabawasan na yung registered online account ko.

    • 2SMP Admin says

      anong activation po?
      sa bdo online banking?
      if nagreflect nman, most probably successful ung tranfer..
      nacheck mo na ba ult sa pinagtransferan mo kung nareceive nga?

  10. can i pay paypal through BDO on line banking? Thanks

  11. I have publication charges in an on line journal. The payment is through paypal, can i use my BDO debit card on line banking to pay for the publication fee?

  12. tHANK YOU

  13. Hi po
    Ask Lang pno mg send money to another BDO account through online

  14. Hello po.
    Thank you po for the tutorial 🙂 Ask ko lang po kung may kailangan po ba akong kailangang ayusin/gawin sa BDO savings account ko para po makatanggap ng pera abroad via WIRE transfer?
    To be specific po, for google play merchant account. They only support wire transfer po kasi. Thank you in advance again po 🙂 ^^

  15. Hi po,

    I’m flying to Singapore this week to work. What about the OTP? Would my registered Philippine globe mobile sim number work and still receive the One time password if possible?

  16. Chin tinio says

    Hi po! thank you for the guides! I’m new here and I just received 2 credit cards.
    I don’t know why I received 2 but my question is can I enroll the 2 credit cards, I already enrolled one and I want to enroll the other so I can track my balance .
    thank you again

  17. Anthony mifa says

    How can I renew my ATM card Bdo that has already been expired. I am in the uk right now. I am in the uk right now. I have been told that I have to go back home but it’s not easy and it’s not financially viable to go home just to renew my card. I’m sure there’s a way.

  18. ask kolang po regarding sa bdo online banking. mag tatransfer po dpat ako ng pera from my acc. 2 other bdo acc. pero po send money to bdo acc. po ang napasukan ko. coz its my 1st time to transact through onlne banking. then nung tpos n ung trans. q eh succesful na pro ang nkalagay sa send money type is unenrolled bdo acc. pero tama nman po ung acc. no. na nilagay ko dun! papasok dn po ba un sa acc. ng pinadalhan ko? and if ever po b na mali ung transaction ko mababalik rn po b ung pera na tinransfer ko??

  19. hi to all,
    d2 me sa Qatar ngayun, kay kanino po aku tatawag sa BDO para mapalitan ko po ung OTP pass po

    • 2SMP Admin says

      try these:

      Metro Manila: (+632)631-8000
      Domestic Toll-Free Nos: 1800-10-631-8000 (PLDT)

      1800-3-631-8000 (Digitel)
      1800-5-631-8000 (Bayantel)
      1800-8-631-8000 (Globelines)
      International Toll-Free Nos.: IAC +800-8-631-8000

      or contact BDO here:

      • hi all
        this morning I call International Toll-Free Nos.: IAC +800-8-631-8000
        but lang sasagot, any idea bat ganun

  20. Hi! How do i cancel a wire transfer to another local bank transaction that was processed thru bdo online?

    I was supposed to send money to bpi savings but accidentally picked bpi family. Please help

  21. I have question. Nag send ako ng money thru mobile using “send money to unenrolled account” isa sa mga option sa bdo. Transaction was successful pero after a day upon checking to my account na debit ako 3x. Bakit po ganun. Ano po pwede ko gawin?

    • 2SMP Admin says

      i strongly suggest na icontact nyo po kagad ang bank.
      that should be the first thing that you should do pag nadedebit kayo.

  22. Hi please help. A friend of mine transfered a fund bdo to bpi via mobile banking on August 15 passed 10 am cut off time, until now wala parin po. :(( will she receive an email for the successful transaction?

    • 2SMP Admin says

      i’m sorry, i’m not sure if you can transfer money from bdo to bpi fund through mobile banking.
      i haven’t tried that. ang alam ko ndi pwede yan, pero verify nyo na lang din sa bank just to be sure.

  23. Rein MarTinez says

    Hello, Pede pa po ba ako mag enrol ng online banking kahit may record na ako ng unprocess online banking before. hindi ko kase naactivate within 45 days. that savings account already closed na po since 2013 pa. plan ko po mag open ng new bdo savings account and ieenrol ko online. is it possible to use same email address?

  24. rein maRtinez says

    Hello Ask ko lang po. Dati po kase nag register ako online banking kaya lang di ko na activate within 45 days. closed na po un account na un since 2013. im planning po na mag open ng bagong savings account then eenrol ko online banking. is it possible to use same email adress po ba? thanks

    • 2SMP Admin says

      yes i guess it’s still possible since bago nman po ung magiging saving account nyo.

      • Can I inquire po regarding sa BDO online transfer.Pwede din po ba sa Send money > Send money to any BDO account instead of enrolling other account in Fund Transfer. Parang mas madali ang ata kasi i input mo lng ang savings account at amount of money okay na.

  25. kristoffer langahin says


    can i use bdo debit card for paypal verification?

  26. Hi.. ask ko lang po.. andito po kc ako sa abroad then mag papaopen po sana ung wife ko ng bdo kabayan saving accnt for her para dun ako magttransfer ng pera sa accnt nya.. pero nabasa ko ang nag aaply for bdo kabayan savngs accnt pala ay ung mag aabroad…ang tanung ko, pwd po ba na magopen xa ng bdo kabayan saving accnt?

  27. Hi, ask ko lang po kung may fee ba ang send money transfer kung hndi bdo account?

  28. rakil cella says

    Hi maam janice Good Day! Paano po pala ma activate yong pag enroll ko sa third party account nandito po ako sa Saudi…kasi nakita ko sa tutorial niyo after ma Enroll need ng activation sa atm card…wala pong ibang way na ma activate ko yong account niya thru online kasi need ko po mag transfer ng money….to the other account …salamat pls reply

  29. JOHN SORIANO says

    Hi Ma’am! Good day po. Is there a way where I can enroll or register and activate others persons account for funds transfer through BDO Online Banking while I am abroad? Cause I am currently outside the Philippines and there is no ATM machine here to activate the other persons account for fund transfer. You mentioned about mailing the enrollment form to the branch for online banking but not sire if it’s applicable to other persons account enrollment for fund transfer. Thanks for the help Ma’am.

  30. mARK PORTUGUEZ says

    Good evening po ma’am,
    Pwede po ba magpa assist? Pano po ba magsend ng money from my dollar bdo kabayan account to my BPI peso account? Sinubukan ko na po yung wire transfer pero ayaw magcontinue after kong magfill up ng application sa account ko.
    Salamat po ma’am sa maisasagot nyo. GOD BLESS po.

  31. I want to send money using my Bdo mobile banking to another bank such as pnb, can I possibly do it and how? Thank in advance

  32. bardi Pontillas says

    Magkano po ba ang maximum bank transfer bdo to bdo? 10,000 lng kc maximum cnsbi sa system kapag nagbabank transfer ako po

  33. I want to know that if i send money with online service,is there any charges will uplid for that…?

  34. Magkano po ba ang maximum amount for cash pick to ML thru BDO online? thank you.

  35. Good Day,
    happy holiday, just to clarify if I send money thru online this 29 December 2016, are they still received the money on the following day? 30 December 2016 which fall on holiday.

    thank you

  36. Hi mam pls help I want to transfer money via pickup anywhere but when I try it on my phone it says no save template what should I do?

  37. Hi.ask ko lang kung anong difference ng Tranfer fund and Send money option sa mobile banking?kasi magbabayad sana ako sa online order ko.may mga bdo accounts sila.pero hindi ko alam kung ano gagamitin ko.kasi may Transfer fund at may Send money to any account din.san kaya jan ang magagamit ko?pls kayang difference ng dalawa na yan??pls help.

    • 2SMP Admin says

      Hi April,
      Send money — you can send money to anyone without enrolling their account.
      Transfer fund — you can only send money to enrolled accounts.
      Enrolling accounts is done online and activation is done through the ATM machine with your card.
      They’re both free of charge. But for send money, BDO just released an advisory that starting March 15, 2017,
      send money will have a charge of Php 10 per transaction..
      Hope this helps. 🙂

      • hi 2SMP ADMIN,

        Naenroll ko n unng fund transfer online as well as naactivate ko n din thru BDO ATM, pero nung chneck ko ung enrollment status ang nkalagay ay pending. cnu poh mg aaproved nun?ung taong my ari ng account n inenroll ko? patulong poh.

        Thank you,

  38. christian Edrian Batan says

    ma’am gusto ko po magkaroon ng online banking para sa kabayan savings account ko po. . kaso panu ko po maactivate if nsa ibang bansa na po ako. . wala naman pong BDO machine dito sa UAE para makapag activate ako. . may iba pa po bang paraan para makapag activate ng online banking. . ? salamat po. .

  39. hello ma’am ..before poh ma locked ang account q nkapag palit aq ng number kaya lng poh pinalit q number eh ung sa asawa q gawa ng nawala poh roaming number q pag mag forgot password poh aq at mag follow ng procedure nkalagay poh na naka register ung phone na gamit q.kht na rereceive nmn ng asawa q ung OTP,please help poh.salamat.

  40. Hello… I enrolled a 3rd party account and was activated yesterday. I tried to transfer funds today but the account number does not appear on the transfer to drop down. Do I need to wait for a number of days before the activated account can receive funds?

  41. jOJEE DE JESUS says

    hi mam Janice,
    i want to ask if i can still open my online bdo account even if i am now here in saudi arabia? i used bdo online to view my salary , pay bills and transfer funds when i was in the Philippines but now i think that savings account is already inactive. and also i want to ask how can i register my wife’s BDO kabayan account in bdo online?

  42. After enrolling another person account abroad, how can i activate it?

    • To activate your enrollment, you have to activate it using your ATM Card at the BDO ATM Machine. There may not be a lot of available BDO machines abroad that’s why it’s recommended that you activate your enrollments while you’re still in the Philippines.

  43. Euan James Cruz says

    Hi mam janice!
    i followed your step by step tutorial on paying meralco bills. I paid my meralco bills once but in the next month i got invalid payment. I tried to enrolled the last 5 digits ref no. on the next month bill but it say’s invalid payment. any solution?


  44. donna dela cruz says

    Hello Janice,
    Ask ko po sana, kung paano namin ma check yung account ng anak ko sa bdo kung pwede pa syang pa activate para magamit. Ginagamit po kasi namin yun nung nagtatransfer ako ng pera from Dubai. Andito na din po kasi ang anak ko ngayon and one time we transferred again sa account, pero nung subukan din naming iwithdraw from Pinas di na daw sya pwede and need daw pumunta sa branch.
    Kung pwede po sana naming macheck even though wala po sa Pinas ang anak ko, kung paano po or need pa pag umuwi sya dun lang nya macheck

    • 2SMP Admin says

      BDO is very strict po so either you show up sa mismong BDO branch or try to contact them from abroad. Kaya lang medyo matagal makaconnect sa hotline nila. Pero try nyo pa din para malaman nyo status ng account nyo.

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