1. http://aNDREI says

    hi there!

    is there a fee for using the ‘transfer-to-anyone- feature? I’d like to use that feature for the first time and I haven’t confirmed if there’s a fee or not .

    thanks ! 🙂

    • http://2SMP%20Admin says

      it’s free! 🙂

    • http://Caloy says

      As per the BPI staff, every fund transfer transaction is considered as withdrawal, and it is not free of charge. There is a Php 5.00 charge each transaction.

      • http://2SMP%20Admin says

        That I have to confirm.
        But in my previous transactions, there was no charge when using transfer-to-anyone feature in BPI mobile banking.
        Thanks for sharing though.

  2. BPI Transfer to Anyone is risky once activated and here’s the reasons why:

    1. If your smartphone is compromised – bad guys can easily transfer the fund literally to any BPI account.
    2. This process has no secondary protection (e.g. separate pin code for fund transfer).
    3. BPI is not using OTP and their password is limited to alphanumeric (no special characters allowed) and less than 15 chars only.

    This is a good feature if extra layer of protections are added like OTP (similar to BDO).

  3. http://jane says

    Hello! Is it possible to use transfer to anyone from my Saving account to someone’s checking account?

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