How to Transfer Money with BDO Online Banking

Transferring money using BDO Online Banking is one of my regular tasks and I can’t stress enough how easy, fast, and convenient this process is.

Imagine, you don’t need to go out of your home to go to the bank and line up in long queues just to deposit money or transfer funds to another person’s account.


BDO Online Banking is Simple and Convenient

The process is really simple and that’s what I’m going to share with you today…

You need to enrol your account in BDO Online Banking and enrol your recipient’s account and make sure you activate the enrolment using your ATM card at the ATM machine.

If you haven’t done this yet, I suggest you check out The Ultimate Guide to BDO Online Banking for more detailed instructions.


Steps to Transfer Money with BDO Online Banking

  1. Assuming you’ve already enrolled your BDO account online, the first thing to do is to LOGIN to your BDO Online banking account.



  1. Next, enter your One-Time Password (OTP) or answer the Challenge Question.



  1. Fill out the Transfer Details Form with the following info:
    • Transfer from
    • Transfer to
    • Amount
    • Remarks
    • Transfer Schedule (Default is Immediately)
    • Add to My Transfers (optional)


  1. Submit the form and the confirmation page will show with the details. If everything is correct, just click Continue.



  1. Finally, you should see the page that says, “You have successfully transferred your money.”

You can also print the page if need be.



Try it Yourself!

Very simple, isn’t it?

Now go ahead and try it and save your precious time and effort for not having to go to the bank anymore. You can transfer money with BDO Online Banking anytime and anywhere as long as you have internet connection.


WATCH THIS >> How to Transfer Money with BDO Online Banking


Still have doubts?

If you’re a bit skeptical about online banking, check out this article on How to Avoid Online Banking Scams.

Let me know what you think about BDO Online Banking by posting your comments below.

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