How to Easily Apply for the New UMID Card (and use it as an ATM Card)

If you are a member of the SSS, it would be helpful to you if you would also get the UMID or Unified Multi-Purpose ID.

Why? Because it’s easier to transact, file, and avail of the benefits if you present your UMID. Plus, it’s not only for the SSS but also for Pag-IBIG Fund, Philhealth, and GSIS. You can also use the UMID as a primary valid ID when transacting with other government and private offices like when you’re opening a bank account.

So, how do you apply for a UMID Card and what are the requirements?

For first-time applicants, you must have no existing UMID Card issued by the GSIS or PhilHealth. You must have at least 1 monthly contribution and a valid date of coverage. And of course, you need to have a valid ID/s which you need to present upon application.

The Primary valid IDs that are accepted include Driver’s License, Passport, PRC Card, and Seaman’s Book. Secondary IDs are Postal ID, NBI Clearance, Company ID if you’re employed or School ID if you’re a student, Police Clearance, Birth Certificate, or Credit Card. You can see the complete list of accepted IDs at the back of the UMID Application Form.

How to Apply for UMID?

The application of UMID requires the member-applicant to show up personally since a personal photo and biometrics/fingerprints will be captured on-site.

And since not all SSS branches are capable of issuing UMID cards, you need to go to the SSS branches with UMID Enrollment Facilities only which you can find in the photo below.


Choose the SSS branch where you want to apply for UMID. Then, bring your requirements including your valid IDs when you go to the branch.

Once at the branch, get a copy of the UMID Application form from the Information Personnel or you may ask the guard where to get the form.

To save time, you may also download the UMID Application Form online and fill it out with the required information at home or before you go to the branch.

Take time to read the instructions on the form to avoid erasures or wrong information.

Submit your UMID application form along with the other requirements. The SSS personnel will verify your application and requirements. After that, you will be instructed to go to the booth where your photo, fingerprints, and signature will be captured.

After the above steps are successfully done, you will be informed of the estimated delivery date of your UMID Card. You will also be given an acknowledgment slip.

How long does it take to deliver your UMID Card? 

It takes approximately 30 days to deliver your UMID upon successful application.

The verification and printing of the UMID card take approximately 8 days. The delivery of the UMID Cards via Philpost takes:

  • approximately 2 weeks for NCR
  • approximately 4 weeks for outside NCR

If the delivery time is longer than the expected turn-around time, you may follow up the status of your UMID application in 3 ways:

1. Send a Follow-up Email to SSS

To verify your application via email, you may send an email to the Identity Management Department of the Philippine Social Security System (SSS) at

In the subject field of your email, indicate: Thru Facebook.

Indicate the following information on your email message:

  • Complete Name
  • 10-digit SSS number
  • Date of UMID Application

2. Contact SSS Hotline

You may contact the SSS Call Center at 920-6446 to 55. Tell the SSS Rep that you’d like to verify the status of your UMID Application and provide him/her your personal information and the date of your UMID application.

3. Visit the Nearest SSS Branch

You may visit the nearest SSS branch to verify or follow up the status of your UMID Application. Present your UMID acknowledgment slip for faster verification.


Features of the New UMID Card

Aside from you can use your UMID card to easily transact with the SSS, GSIS, Pag-IBIG Fund, and PhilHealth, you can now also use it to withdraw your benefits or loan proceeds including disability and retirement benefits, maternity and sickness claims for self-employed and voluntary members, as well as disbursement of salary and calamity loans.

Yes, the new UMID card now functions like an ATM card.


If you apply for the new UMID card and you want to use it as an ATM card, you need to specify the preferred SSS-accredited bank on the application form. So far, only UBP or UnionBank of the Philippines offers this facility.

Once you have your new UMID card, you need to activate it at UBP. Don’t worry because SSS is already working with other banks to join and implement the program.

And once your UMID Card is activated as an ATM card, your benefits and loan proceeds will be deposited directly to your account and you may withdraw it anytime at any Bancnet ATMs nationwide and VISA-branded ATMs for international transactions.

The UMID Card is safe to use and it’s free of charge.

How much does it cost to apply for UMID Card? 

a. Initial issuance of SSS-UMID Cards – FREE of Charge

Members who are applying for initial issuance of SSS-UMID cards are not required to pay any amount.

b. Replacement of SSS-UMID Cards – Php 200

  • replacement of card due to correction or change of name, date and place of birth, or gender
  • replacement of old or damaged card, change of home address, updating of member photo and change of specimen signature that is printed on the card

c. Replacement of Card is Free IF:

  • the erroneous encoding of data was on the part of SSS including erroneous screening and capturing of previous card application.

Payments for the reduced UMID card fee will be accepted by SSS Tellers/Cashiers and SSS partner banks.

The UMID card fee used to be Php 300. It was reduced to Php 200 just on December 11, 2017, based on SSS Office Order 2017-066. The Commission approved the reduction of the cost of UMID card replacement since the cost of data capture service as well as the card production with the ID card provider were also reduced. (Source)

Thanks to SSS’ efforts on making the application of UMID card faster and more affordable.

Apply for a UMID card now if you don’t have one yet, and use it both as a valid ID and an ATM card for easier and convenient transactions.

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  1. Yuri angeles says

    Regarding the new features of the SSS UMID card

    I was not given the option to choose a bank during the SSS UMID application. The card looks like the usual UMID that everybody has. There are no characteristics that it can function like an ATM card. Kindly provide more info on how to determine if it is ATM capable or if not how to obtain one. tia

  2. I see. Now, my UMID is on its way to me but I didn’t see an option to specify that I want my UMID to be ATM ready either. Do you have any idea how we can go about activating our standard UMID for that purpose?

  3. Alain garcia says

    Why i cant withdraw my balance to my umid card it always says transaction is not valid ineed an answer. Tia

  4. Adrian glenn k. Syjuco says

    I have already UMID id what are going to do if i want it use as atm card to easily get if i have a loan?

  5. Ariadna Marion dela costa says

    Hello! Thanks for this. However, I have a few concerns regarding the application for UMID ID.
    1. I am a fresh graduate and still finding a job. Can I apply for a UMID ID?
    2. Do you need to have ALL three in order to be entitled of having a UMID ID? i.e. PhilHealth, GSIS/SSS, Pag-IBIG?
    3. If one is from a private sector (SSS-based),what happens when he/she transfers to government (GSIS-based)? Does his/her SSS become null?


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