Want to View Your SSS Contribution Online this 2018? Follow these simple steps…

Do you want to know how you can view your SSS contributions online without going to the SSS branch?

Well, it’s easy! Just use your smartphone/tablet or laptop/computer, connect to the internet, and log in to the SSS website, and you can easily access your SSS account online.

For some, the steps may not seem as easy as it is especially for those who are not familiar with the internet or the SSS online platform. I cannot blame them for choosing to go to the SSS branch personally instead of doing it online.

But in this article, I’ll try my best to explain the steps in simple terms in the hopes that I could reach as many members as possible and as easy to understand as possible.

Are you already an SSS member?

The first thing to ask is, are you already a member of the SSS?

This is important because not everybody is a member of the SSS. Some people don’t even know what the SSS is and what they offer or what benefits are provided to the members.

If you are already a member of the Social Security System, then you can now register to the online platform of SSS, which is also known as My.SSS.

How do you Register for My.SSS? 

The second thing that you need to know is the SSS online registration process. To register, you may follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of SSS at https://sss.gov.ph
  • On the SSS website, click My.SSS > Registration > Member Registration OR under Member Login, hit Click here below “Not yet registered in My.SSS?”
  • Fill out the Online Member User ID Registration form with all the required information and submit it
  • Check your email inbox after 30 minutes for the system notification from SSS regarding your SSS online registration. If successful, you will receive an email from SSS (web.notifications@sss.gov.ph) that contains the Activation Link
  • Click the Activation Link and you will be directed to another page where you will be required to set your Password for your SSS online account
  • Once your password is updated, you can now login to My.SSS using your User ID and Password. (The Password expires every six months, so you have to update it by then.)

For unsuccessful online registration to SSS, you may inquire through email at onlineservicesassistance@sss.gov.ph or you may send a private message to SSS’ official Facebook page.

How to Check SSS Contributions Online?

Once your SSS online registration is successful and you already have your user ID and password, you may now access your SSS contributions online.

Here’s how…

Step 1 – Go to the SSS website at https://sss.gov.ph (preferably using Internet Explorer)

Step 2 – Enter your User ID and Password in the Member Login box.

Step 3 – Once you’re logged in, under E-Services, click Inquiry.


Step 4 – Under Member Info, click Actual Premiums.


Step 5 – You can now view your posted premiums from the year you started contributing as a member of the SSS.


You may also print the page with your SSS contributions if you need to submit it as a document.

Tips for Successful SSS online inquiry

  1. Use Internet Explorer for faster navigation on the SSS website
  2. Visit the SSS website preferably at night time or during weekends. Usually, it’s slower during weekdays during office hours because more people are accessing the site.
  3. Write down your user ID and Password on your notebook so that it’s easy for you to find it in case you forget it.

What if some of your contributions were not posted? 

If you are still employed at the same company, you may inquire with your HR Personnel about it.

If you’re self-employed, voluntary or OFW member, you may inquire directly at the SSS. It would be much better if you have your payment receipts to prove that you actually paid for the months that aren’t posted on your SSS online account.

What if your employer or agency is not remitting your SSS contributions? 

This has been an issue to many members and if this is your case too, you can report your employer to the SSS. If there are no actual premiums on your SSS online account, but you’re deducted for your SSS contributions from your salary, you must present your pay slip or any supporting document to SSS.

The Philippine Social Security System has been conducting RACE or Run After Contribution Evaders program to literally run after employers or companies who do not remit their employees’ contributions to SSS.

SSS warned employers that they can be sentenced of up to 12 years imprisonment without probation, if convicted.

In some cases, the posting of contributions on your account may take days or weeks depending on the employer’s schedule of remitting the employees’ contributions to SSS. You may inquire directly at your HR department regarding this.

Other Ways to Check or View your SSS contributions

If checking your SSS contributions online is not possible for you, you may ask a trusted relative or friend to do it for you.

Or better yet, just visit the nearest SSS branch or kiosk to inquire about your updated SSS contributions.

TEXT your Inquiries to SSS

For information or queries on contributions, claims, loans, benefits and branch location, you can TEXT SSS to 2600. To register and get the PIN, text:

SSS REG<SSNUMBER><BDAYmm/dd/yyyy> and send to 2600

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  1. This is not the first time I looked at my SSS payment record. Now, clicking on e-services, it will show me “member Inquiry” and my SSS number not those data described at step 4 . I used various browsers but same result.


    diko po malamn ung password ng sss account ko,,,nag eeror po xa at nag blocked na po,,,kaya dpo ako makapgveryfy through online,,,need kopo sana maresset password at user id kopo,,thanks and good day!

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