Where to Invest in the Philippines?

As 2015 comes to a close, Filipino investors should start asking themselves: where should I invest in 2016?

Below are several good options to answer this question…

The Philippine Stock Market

The Philippine Presidential elections is just around the corner and the APEC Summit held in the Philippines last November allowed several initiatives to boost the Philippine economy in the coming months.

This means that there are several good reasons to look optimistic with the outlook of the Philippine stock market despite the frustrating and unexpected slower growth of the Philippine economy this 2015.

Although the stock market’s direction will still be highly influenced by who wins the presidency in 2016, one thing is for sure, foreign investors will be looking at the Philippines for their next moves.

Therefore, it is good to think about entering the stock market before May 2016 when things would get more complicated. To do so, open an account with the help of a licensed and registered stockbroker and purchase shares through them.


The Real Estate Market

While the Philippine economy did not perform good enough in 2015, the local property market continues to thrive. Therefore, investing in real estate is not only safe but also encouraging for the coming months.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) firms continue to flock the Philippines for office spaces because of good and competitive rental prices and experts predict that demand for them will continue to outgrow supply in the coming months.

The advent of BPOs in the country has also sparked new business opportunities that target specific markets comprised by BPO employees. Therefore, investing in commercial and retail establishments that cater to these markets.

Furthermore, land values continue to appreciate especially in the Makati central business district, Fort Bonifacio, and Ortigas Center business districts in Metro Manila. Investing to real estate in these areas is a good choice for 2016.


The last two options discussed below are primarily for new, inexperienced or smaller scale investors who want to enter the scene this coming 2016.


Mutual Funds

Mutual funds should be mentioned in this list because they are easier for most people to work with primarily because these investments are taken cared of by fund managers who does most of the work for you. Several good options for mutual fun investments this 2016 are Philam Strategic Growth Fund, Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund, and Soldivo Funds.



Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) still make up a big chunk of the country’s workforce and they continue to grow despite the tightening of opportunities for many. Since OFWs love to save their hard-earned money in banks, a good option for them are bonds. Bonds are usually offered by big government agencies, banks and corporations. A few banks that offer bonds are BPI, BDO, PNB and Metrobank.


Investors, both long-time and aspiring, should always be clear about their investment objectives before doing any decisions. Whether you are a big-time millionaire or a hardworking OFW, being clear about your financial goals is paramount for any investment venture.

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