“The Best Present is your Presence” – A Very Touching Video for OFWs


I’m not affiliated with BPI or Philam, but I just wanted to share how touching this video is especially for OFWs. It brought me to tears the first time I saw it and I thought I wouldn’t cry anymore the second and third time I replayed the video, but I was wrong. It’s just so […]

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PNB Web Remit: Secure, Safe, and Convenient Way to Send Money to Philippines


PNB Web Remit is another online money transfer service that offers a secure, safe, and convenient way of sending money to the Philippines. It is the latest addition to the Philippine National Bank’s current extensive offerings. In the Philippines, PNB is known to be one of the largest and most trusted commercial banks with a […]

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BPI Remittance: The Secure and Easy Way to Send Money to Philippines


BPI Remittance is one of the best ways to transfer funds or send money to the Philippines from anywhere in the world because BPI Remittance products are made available to Filipinos worldwide. No doubt, it was the first bank to be awarded the “BSP Hall of Fame” in 2007 as the top commercial bank in […]

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Send Money from US to Philippines with PLDT and UniTeller Remittance App


Good news for Filipinos in the US who send money to their families back in the Philippines! PLDT, through PGC, has partnered with UniTeller Financial Services to develop a new online remittance portal and mobile application, where Filipinos in the USA can send money to their loved ones back home conveniently and at affordable rates. […]

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Money Sent by Filipinos via SR Cash Remit in Canada disappeared


Overseas Filipino Workers from around the world work really hard to earn money. Most of them send a big portion of their salaries back to their families in the Philippines for their children’s education, medical needs, and daily expenses. A lot of these OFWs send money to Philippines through remittance centers. But how safe and […]

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Mobile Banking: Sending Money Made More Digital


It is hard to imagine a typical Overseas Filipino Worker not incorporating the idea of having to learn the ropes about remittances or its alternatives as a means of sending money back home. For these people who are deemed both a hero of the country—primarily as a result of their remittances which therefore benefits the […]

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